How to deal with Holiday rush

How to deal with Holiday rush

Hello Ladies! Ok so I’ve been feeling very uninspired. I feel like the end of the year gets hard to keep up with the Blog, Instagram and my most important my family. So I always get extremely stressed out. I’ve been trying not to get overwhelmed, But it’s hard. I want to continue to bring great content to my blog, because it makes me happy. But I’ve hit a wall and I know once the holidays pass I will be refreshed.


So with that in mind I wanted to share a few things I like to do to avoid that Holiday rush and stress.

I’m all about writing list. I write down everything. Of course my gift list, grocery list and what food I’ll be making. List help me so much. I love to see it written and there’s nothing like crossing it off! That feeling never gets old! I know we all have different traditions but I think we can all relate to the shopping and the never-ending wrapping! For years I shop and leave it in bags. This year no way. I’m always leaving wrapping to the last-minute and I end up hating it. So this year I am totally wrapping as soon as I purchase. Because you end up wrapping about 50 things Christmas Eve, LOL!

Shopping! Ok we all love that, NOT! I mean for myself but it’s hard to shop for others. My kids are usually easy for me, But I have nieces, nephews, Etc. Mostly all teenagers or young adults. This year I decided to be easy on myself and my wallet! I haven’t decided what, but I’m going to be giving very easy gifts but with meaning to them. I’m always stressing out and trying to be extra. This year no way! And I’ve come to the conclusion that gift cards are not a sign of not caring or putting more effort, I love gift cards and I’m sure so will they.

Malls! I avoid them as much as I can around this time, They make me dizzy! I’m an online shopper and I like the more outdoors shopping. Like the Grove or The Americana and Old town Pasadena. I usually do most online and the rest I will wake up super early and get it done before the crowds. And I leave my kids at home!


The most important is just be there in the moment. We are all so busy and rushed that we let the holidays pass right by us and we don’t enjoy the moment. So this year I promised myself to be there in the moment. I remember Christmas as a kid and having no worries. I want that no worry Christmas so I can be there physically and mentally  with my kids and hubby!

I have a very fun giveaway that I hope you all enter, I will be announcing the rules and the very special collaboration with this giveaway on Sunday Nov 18 on Instagram. It’s in honor of Breaker’s 5th birthday. I will have a special blog post next week on his party!

Hope this was helpful and happy shopping! Till next post.

XO  Lisa

Disneyland Hotel, Worth the price?

Disneyland Hotel, Worth the price?

Hello Friends! Hope you all are doing great! I’m over here running around like a crazy mom! Breaker turns 5 in less than 2 weeks so I’m busy getting ready for his celebration. Even keeping it semi-small ,It’s still a lot of work. I love to do a lot of my own party supplies. So I make a lot of stuff that goes into my parties. I enjoy it so much. Now if only I can get someone to clean my house for the party, LOL! That’s my least favorite. I’ll be posting his party in a few weeks! So stay tuned!

Today I wanted to talk about our staycation at the Disneyland Hotel. We went this past weekend, It was my first time. We didn’t go to Disneyland because we are saving it for the holiday decor. And I wanted to enjoy the Hotel fully.


So my first impression when I walked in was very cool! The minute we walked in I’d say about 4 characters were walking around the lobby taking pictures. Breaker was scared of them but I managed to get a quick photo of Pluto. The hubby was just saying he never sees Pluto at Disneyland so I took a photo for proof that he does exist, LOL!

After checking in we walked around the grounds until are room was ready, It’s so clean and we did see Minnie mouse outside of Goofy’s kitchen. Again Breaker was scared. But I love that the characters are around for easy photo opportunities. Totally worth it. No lines to take photos.


Once our room was ready we headed over to the room to change and enjoy the pool. One of the Cool things in the room is the complimentary toiletries, They have H2O products! So totally cool. The pool area is very nice. They have a great set up for families, couples and kids. A little bit of everything for everyone. We enjoyed the kids area with the slides so much. Breaker was scared to do the bigger slides so we kept to the mini one. They also have complimentary vest for kids safety. I really loved that. Complimentary towels and waiters walking around taking order for food and drinks. Both great!


After enough time at the pool we headed back to the room and changed up to grab a drink from the tiki bar, That is super cute and entertaining. A must if you have someone to watch the kids! The cool thing is you can head over to Downtown Disney to walk around get some yummy food and my favorite Beignets!

Is it worth the price? I’d say yes If you have the opportunity, Go stay and have a great time! We will be back! Hope this was helpful, Till next post!

XO Lisa

My go to Banana Bread recipe

My go to Banana Bread recipe

Hello Ladies!!! Happy Halloween! I hope you all are doing well and I hope all my mamas out there survived the rush of getting the kiddos ready for Halloween. I’m so glad I got Breaker’s costume ready before I even left on my trip. Because I know from experience with my oldest that the week of Halloween always seems so busy. My oldest son was simple this year so it was just about ordering and buying a hat. I’m so glad he still likes to dress up. And we all know once Halloween is over its crunch time for Christmas. I feel like Thanksgiving is a middle child, LOL! We love it but tend to not give it as much attention as Halloween and Christmas. Can you tell I’m the middle child, LOL!

With Holidays on our mind and the weather in LA getting cooler, I bet we are all looking for our baking recipes. I love to Bake but really have to be in the mood. I do love to bake for others as gifts or just a special treat for the holiday season. I did share my favorite chocolate chip recipe last year, Here it is! And I’ve shared my pizza recipe, Here too! Both of those are favorites in my house and with family. So hopefully you try them!

Side note most of my recipes I share I have found on Pinterest, I love pinterest so much. It’s pretty much my favorite thing to go on. This next recipe I will share is from pinterest. I’ll share original link as well.

Banana Bread is probably one of my favorites. And I think we all have had those ripe bananas sitting around that we won’t eat just like that! I’ve been making this particular recipe for 5 years now and still love it. It’s super simple and delicious. The kids love it too. I’ve hand written the recipe here for you but I will also link the original post that I actually follow. Being a blogger I would hope someone would give me the credit if it was one of mine.


What I love to do for treats for friends, neighbors or co-workers is get a cute piece of material and wrap with a string just so it looks cuter when you hand it out. You can even use tissue paper or put it in a treat bag with some ribbon. It makes it more fun to receive.

Hope you all liked this post. And hope you all bake some Banana bread! Till next post!

XO  Lisa

Halloween treats

Halloween treats

Hello My friends! Hope you all are doing well! I can’t believe October is almost over, Like seriously! Once Halloween passes by, all the other holidays come knocking hard! I don’t even want to think about christmas shopping! I think online shopping will be my friend this year.

I wanted to share some cute little treats I found on Pinterest! I wanted to make something for Breakers class that wasn’t so much candy. When I saw these I knew I had to make them. I did change it up a little. But still basically the same. Here’s the original link from Pinterest. 

This is what you’ll need and how to make these cute little Frankensteins!


Supplies you will need. Play-Doh, I got the small size not the smallest they have but smaller than the original size. But you can use the bigger ones if you’d like. Some Rolo chocolates, green felt, some googly eyes, sharpie and glue gun. I purchased the play-doh and Rolo candies from target, the felt and googly eyes from Michaels.


For one treat you will need this, one play-doh tube, 2 Rolo chocolates, 2 eyes, measure the green felt so you cover the tube of play-doh and cut into a strip. Lastly your sharpie for the mouth.


Once you have all the supplies ready, glue the felt around the tube of play-doh, glue the rolo candies on the side, the googly eyes have adhesive so you just have to pop those on and draw the mouth however you’d like. Doesn’t have to be perfect. Wallah you have these cute little Frankenstein treats for the littles. They will love these. I even had Breaker help make them so he can be excited to give these out to his friends at school.

I love Pinterest for all my craft ideas. I love to re-create and change it up to be my taste. Our kids get so much candy so I wanted to give something fun.

Hope you all liked this post, If you re-create them tag me in a picture on Instagram. Would love to see. Till next post!


Wishing you all a safe and Happy Halloween! From my family to yours!

XO  Lisa

My Punta Cana trip

My Punta Cana trip

Hello Ladies!!! It feels like forever since I’ve been here. I hope you all are doing well. I’m great, Back home with my boys. I’m exhausted but I feel refreshed. I wanted to share some highlights from my trip and also some tips that might be helpful if you are headed there or plan to go one day.


So first my tips! Travel light! I took way too many clothes and I even had a carry on only. The less clothes the better. I did take 3 swimsuits that were very similar style to avoid crazy tan lines and that was perfect. The humidity is intense so they don’t always dry fast. On the subject of humidity! Don’t plan on a nice hair style unless you have hair that doesn’t frizz. I’d say if you have long enough hair wear braids or pin it up. I have short hair and wavy so it was a lost cause, LOL! I hadn’t sported my natural hair in years. But hey it wasn’t worth trying to straighten. Try as many excursions as you can it makes your trip so worth it. And last but not least enjoy yourself.


The trip was to attend my cousin’s wedding and that was so beautiful. We all stayed at Dreams resort and Spa. The awesome thing was having family on this trip we had such a good time. I will cherish this trip forever. I had never been on a trip like this with my mom. So that was a real treat. To be somewhere beautiful and to see family around just made it so much better. I couldn’t help but to miss my boys so much. But I needed this getaway.



One of the funnest things we did was take a party boat. The entire wedding squad was on the boat. We danced, snorkeled, drank and drank! It was a good time! My granny even enjoyed herself. She was such a good sport and wanted to try everything. By my face you can tell I liked snorkeling, LOL! It was a little too much for me. But I tried. Good times!


I’d say this was the funnest club I have ever been to. My sister and brother in-law attended COCO BONGO show and disco. It was such a good time I can’t even explain how fun it was. All I have to say it’s an experience you must have in order to know what I’m talking about. I’m so glad we went. Even though we had 3 hours to sleep before our long flight home, LOL! So worth it. They have one in Punta Cana and Cancun. So if you visit either place I highly recommend you go!


Well that’s it I’m so happy to have these memories and so happy to be home safe with my boys! Hope you enjoyed this post, Till next post.

XO  Lisa

Out of the office!

Out of the office!

Hello Ladies! I hope all you beauties are having a great week! As you read this short note I’m probably laying by a pool sipping a fun drink and I’m sure missing my boys like crazy! I’m in Punta Cana right now and will be back to business next week with a fun post on my Vacation details and pictures! So stay tuned!

Hope you all have a great rest of the week and weekend! If you want to keep up with my trip follow me on Instagram @stylesencillo ! Till next post!

XO  Lisa

Family friendly halloween activities

Family friendly halloween activities

Hello Everyone! Hope you all are doing well! I’m over here just gearing up for my Vacay! I leave this Sunday. I’m feeling all the feels, excited, scared, sad and nervous. Leaving the boys is so hard. But this mama needs a break. I’m looking forward to this recharge. Don’t forget to follow along with me on IG. And I’ll be posting a blog on my vacay once I’m back.

So Today’s Blog post is going to be short but sweet. I wanted to share some family friendly Halloween activities to get us in the Halloween spirit. With it being the first week of October thought this was perfect to let you all in on some. Some I list I have attended , Some I haven’t yet. And I’ll give an idea that won’t break the bank.


First is probably my favorite so far Mickey’s Halloween party! But I’m not sure if tickets are still available. I did do a full post on this last year when we attended. We sat this year out because of my trip I was just a little overwhelmed. But we will definitely be there next year.

Second is Ghost Train at Griffith park, we did this a few years back. Breaker was even too small to ride. So it was myself and David. It’s definitely on our list this year. It’s so cute the kids will love it. It’s in travel town and it’s a pretty long ride not scary at all. just fun. First weekend is Oct 13 from 7pm-10pm. They only ride on the weekends. And will be open 10/30-10/31. Tickets are sold at the door $20 each rider. Line does get long so arrive early.

Third is Descanso Gardens pumpkin festival, Rise of the Jack o’ lanterns. This starts Oct 1st- Nov 1st. I have not been to this one. I will try to make it out this year. I think it will be fun for the kids as well. Advanced ticket purchase is required, prices $22-$28 varies from dates.

fourth is Camp Spooky. Another I have not been to. But I’ve been to the evening one, SCARY! So this one is made for the little ones. I think it has the same idea like Mickey’s Halloween party. They have trick o treating for the kids and other fun stuff. I believe Knott’s Berry farm isn’t as expensive like Disneyland so worth the try. I noticed tickets are less if you purchase online.

Fifth is my favorite and the cheapest, LOL! One of our favorite things to do is take the boys to get a treat to eat in the car and drive around the areas we know decorate for Halloween every year. They love to see the houses and it just put us in the Halloween spirit. I know now a days everything is so expensive for a family of four so don’t ever feel spending more is more fun. I grew up not having much but my memories like these are with me forever.

Hope you all liked this Post. Let me know in comments if you’ve been to any. Side note these are all in the LA area or near. Till next post!

XO Lisa