New school year Goals

New school year Goals

Hello Everyone! How are all my LA people doing in the heat! Seriously it’s so hot. My kids just want to be in the house. Luckily the nights are beautiful outside. We try to get outside at night. Even if it’s just for ice cream. Just trying to enjoy the last week of summer Break for us 3. David starts high school next week. He’s excited. Which is why I wanted to write about the goals we have for this school year.

So I officially have a high school student on my hands. I’m so proud of the man he’s becoming. He’s such a sweet person. Very caring about everyone. My wish for him this year is to have fun, get good grades. Try something new and meet new people. Last year we did have some bumps in the road. But we got through them together and he worked hard. I want David to enjoy high school. This year we agreed he would join some clubs. He has a good set of friends so I love that. These days kids can be so mean and with social media it can really effect them in different ways. I wish him an exciting first year of high school.

My pre-schooler Breaker. This little guy is getting so big. My baby is growing up. It’s bitter-sweet. I want him to be a baby. But I love to see him grow into his little personality. He’s a character that’s for sure. This year I wish for him to get better at writing his name all by himself. Learn to read a full book alone. We will start to look into putting him into sports this year since he will be 5. We are thinking soccer. So stay tuned, LOL! I wish for a fun pre-school year and to prepare for kindergarten!

For mommy! As for this year, I plan on being easier on myself. I struggle with giving myself too much. I want to be more present in my head. If I can’t complete one task it’s ok, I have tomorrow. I’m here for my boys to make their school year great. I’m looking forward to the me time I’ll be getting while both boys are at school. I plan on taking more  of those free days to do one fun thing for myself. Last year I felt I was trying to do too much in the few hours Breaker was at school. I felt more tired. I need to tell myself it’s ok to put that cleaning aside or leave target errands till later. I plan on working from a coffee shop more. Getting more walks in at the rose bowl. Finding a yoga class that I’ve been wanting to take again. I feel if I take care of my needs I’ll be way better to my boys.

Family school year goals. I want to really put our phones away at night and be more in the moment. I’ll admit we do have our phones at the table for dinner. But that’s going to stop. I want us as a family to still do one fun family thing a month. We did some fun things this summer and we enjoyed the family time with us 4. We get caught up with a lot once school starts, so making the time to be a family should be a top priority.

Here are a few snap shots of our summer. We did have a nice summer vacay. Love my boys so much!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Till next post.

XO Lisa

Back to school shopping

Back to school shopping

Hello Ladies! Hope you all are doing well! This week has been a little slow for me on the blog/Instagram side. The last couple days I’ve been feeling a little tired. So I haven’t had any desire to shoot any content, But I can’t wait to create more. It’s hard to shoot content when I’m feeling 50% myself. But I’m feeling better today. So today I want to show you all my favorite’s from the ever so popular Nordstrom Anniversary sale!

The boys are back at school end of August. So we are making list and getting ready for the new school year. It’s an exciting year for David. He’s a freshman! He’s been having a blast this summer. This summer is the first that he actually has hung out with his group of buddies so much. I love that. They have all been friends since kindergarten. And it’s also the first time he’s wanting to pick his own clothes. Usually I pick out everything. But this year he found his way to express his style and I couldn’t be happier. I think kids expressing themselves with clothes is so fun. He loves color. And I’m not mad at that. So for back to school I’m leaving it to him. All mom is picking out are more leisure wear and gym shoes. These are my picks for David( 14 years old).


Now for my Breaker. Mommy still picks out all his clothes! This little guy will be back to his pre-school. He is turning 5 this November, But if you are a parent and aware of the “cut off” for starting kindergarten you will know why.  We kind of like this cut off because he’s still baby to us. I feel he wouldn’t even be ready for a real full-time school schedule yet. I’m really happy we will be back to his pre-school. We love everyone there. For this little guy comfort is key! And clothes I won’t care about getting a little stained, Mom’s ya feel me! I normally like to shop target for his school clothes. But these are my picks for Breaker that will be perfect for the transition into the cooler days ,I’m so wishing for.


And for Mom! I mean Mom’s should get some back to school stuff too! Some of the things I really look forward to when the boys are back to school, are running fast errands alone. I get so much done in the little time Breaker is at school. Who else hates making more than 2 stops when you have a kid in a car seat? I see your hands Mamas, LOL! So one of the perks of the boys in school is running those fast errands. And another of my favorites is taking a walk around the Rose bowl to clear my head feel some air and just let go of stress. Once the weather cools down I will be back around the rose bowl. So these are my picks that will have me back to school ready.


So Ladies these are my Nordstrom Anniversary sale picks. Sale ends August 5, so get your shopping on! Till next post.

XO  Lisa


24 hours in Palm springs

24 hours in Palm springs

Hello Friends! So We just got back from literally 24 hours in Palm Springs. The kids are back to school very soon. David starts high school August 13 and Breaker goes back to pre-school August 22. So we are trying to fit in as much fun before school. Daddy can’t get too much time off he’s super busy. So we squeezed in a quick trip to Palm Springs.


We left early Monday morning. The drive was smooth. I love the drive to Palm Springs. We pretty much had 2 things planned. First stop at Cabazon Dinosaurs and hit the pool. I’ve been going to Palm springs for 20 plus years. It’s one of my favorite spots. Especially the quick drive from LA. Driving there as a younger girl I knew once you see the Big dinosaurs we were very close. We’ve stopped a lot at those big old Dinosaurs to take pics. But never had I gone into the museum. We knew we wanted to stop and take the boys in. So Glad we did. It was super cute. Breaker said “Jurassic World was amazing” that right there was worth it. They do charge to get in. It was $13 for adults (13 plus) and kids $11. It’s small but very cute. The best was climbing up to the top inside the T-rex. We all enjoyed it. Highly recommend if you take a drive passed it.


Our next stop was FOOD, lol! The hubby and I love to try new things and we love looking on Yelp to see what’s the best place to eat. Especially when we are in another city. I love Breakfast , It’s my favorite. So I knew since we were heading out so early it would be Breakfast. We ended up at Elmers. It was super close to our hotel. They are known for their German Pancakes. Thumbs up for sure. We all shared one, It’s super huge. The breakfast selection was nice. Hubby and I had Eggs, bacon, hash browns and a fresh biscuit. The boys picked lunch and they were both happy. I’d say try it if you are in the area and definitely try the German pancake.

DSCN0177IMG_0248Processed With Darkroom

Now its check in time. I requested an early check in since we were only there for one night. We wanted to get the most of the pool. I’ve stayed at a few places in Palm springs. So I wanted to try something different. We stayed at The Saguaro. I picked this one because I loved the look of the hotel. The colors just won me over. The room was descent for us 4 , we got double beds. We changed up fast and headed out to the pool. It was pretty hot that even the water was warm. Breaker and David just love being in the pool. We hung out for a bit. It was way too hot. I just heard it was breaker record heat that day, WOWZERS! The pool overall was nice. They have a restaurant there in the hotel called EL Jefe it was tasty. We had some yummy nachos. We relaxed in the room and headed out for a night swim. I love palm springs at night it’s the best. Nice family time for us four. Overall we were happy with our stay. I’d say not so much a kid hotel ,but there were families. The hotel is nice but can use some better grounds keeping. Besides that it was a pretty chill Hotel. If you haven’t been to palm springs and are planning a future trip with kids. I recommend The Omni rancho las palmas in Rancho mirage. They have pool slides and a lazy river. David loves that one.

Hope this post got you to want a trip to Palm springs! Till next post.

XO Lisa

What I pack for a Pool trip!

What I pack for a Pool trip!

Hello Ladies! Hope you all are great! I’m doing good. Enjoying summer and sleeping in a bit. I usually get up after the hubby leaves to work, But I’m not depriving my body if I feel like sleeping in. Once school starts it’s busy busy. The kids and I have been enjoying some chill days. Breaker is getting so big I feel both boys are growing like weeds right now. I’m truly enjoying them. Just when it’s errand day we bump heads, LOL! I’m super fast and like to get things done. My boys are like taking their time in slow motion! One more month of them being home, So we are trying to fit in some fun days.

So since we are off to Palm springs next week! I’m sharing what I always pack when I know we will be in the pool. I’ll be sharing where we stayed and some pics next week once we are back. So stay tuned.

Processed With Darkroom

When we are taking a road trip I always pack my first aid kit. Believe me it’s always used for one of us. One of us always gets a cut, tummy ache etc.  When I know we will be hanging by the pool most of the trip, These are the most important that I pack. Especially with little ones. I purchased this cute first Aid bag from Target Oh joy.


Processed With Darkroom

So what’s in my bag? Always band aids, regular and water proof. Breaker hates bandaids so I always get a character I know he won’t mind having on his body. Neosporin spray and ointment is a must. I always have children’s Tylenol. Vapor rub is also important. More so when we take road trips to Vegas. With all the smoke in the hotels Breaker always gets congested. For mommy and Daddy I always pack Alka seltzer and Advil. These few items just make me feel better when road tripping.

Some other things I pack are wet wipes for hands, Towels and don’t forget the sunscreen. With Breaker being little still and his skin is more sensitive. I always pack him his own towel for the pool. For the simple fact that the hotel towels are rough and I don’t know what kind of soap they use. Another thing I always make sure to take when road tripping is lots of water. Buying water at hotels is just crazy expensive. I love road trips they are fun and I like the time we all spend together. I look forward to them. Something so cozy about us all in the car looking forward to fun family time.

Hope this was helpful! Till next post.

XO Lisa

Planning a Kids party

Planning a Kids party

Hello Ladies! How are you all doing?! This LA weather is crazy! It’s pretty much kept us in the house. Glad its cooling off a little. I can’t believe the kids have already been home for a month. It’s going so fast. School starts in August, So now I have to start school shopping. I will be doing a blog post of all the cool back to school deals.

Today’s post I wanted to share a few things I like to do when I’m planning my kids parties. Breakers 5th birthday is coming up in November. To some that might seem like lots of time ,but I like to start early. I’ll be sharing a few of my favorites to use and just some checklist I like to check off before shopping for items. The pictures I’m sharing are from some of Davids parties and Breakers that I planned myself. Most of the items made by myself or family members.


If your child is old enough I’m pretty sure the theme will be their choice! But I’ve always picked my kids themes up until 5 years old. I love this part. Picking a theme is so fun.


First most important is figuring out what location you will use. Once you figure out location it will be easier to write your party list. Whether it’s at a park, indoor place or home. You need rentals etc. So it’s always important to find location first. If I’m having a lot of people I go with a park it’s just so much easier.


Second would be planning the menu. Food is important for parties. Lets get real people come to parties to eat, LOL! So the food has to be a big part. Unless you are having a smaller gathering like cake and ice cream. I always try to find a menu that’s kid friendly. I mean it’s a kids party. And most of the time I try to have food the birthday kid likes. I will make sure to have snacks for the little ones. For example for Breakers 1st birthday he obviously wasn’t eating big meals yet. So I made these little baskets with baby friendly snacks. I thought they were perfect for a park party. Pizza is always a good one and easy. Adults and kids love it.

Rentals I always call a few local spots in my area to get the best deal. I look on yelp and also read reviews. Very important to get one that has good reviews. I always have rentals dropped off early if they can do it the night before if at your house even better. But earlier the better so you can be prepared.

IMG_9943Processed With DarkroomIMG_9944IMG_9945

Cake time. Now you have so many choices. If you have a favorite that’s great. But if you’re new to ordering just do research. We have so much at our fingertips now that looking for vendors is so much easier. I usually go to the same bakery for my kids cakes. They have delicious cakes and they are a family favorite. I’ve also gone with Donuts. My kids love donuts. I’ve done a donut name for David, this one was from California Donuts. They are awesome. I usually go simple with the cake design, because I’ll add a topper myself.  I’ve been using Auntieapple for most of my cake topper now. She does sugar cookies and can make cake toppers out of sugar cookies. I love her work she’s amazing. Her work is awesome. If you are in the LA Area.


Treat tables! So this is one of the funnest. I love a good treats table. I’ve done the Candy table thing, I’ve done popcorn bar and just a yummy dessert table. So many options for this. Just have fun with it because it becomes the main attraction. The minecraft and robot cake in these pictures I made myself.

Some of my party inspo places I like to look up are Karas Party ideas and Pinterest. These are probably the two I go to the most when planning. I usually make a board on pinterest and just pin away.

Ladies just have fun with the planning. Don’t stress, start early and make a list and check it off! Happy planning ladies. Hope you liked this post. Till next post.

XO Lisa








Happy One Year

Happy One Year

Hello Ladies! Today’s post is quite special to me. It’s officially my 12 month blog post. My very first post was posted on July 1st 2017,  introducing my site. July 3, 2017 was my first official  fashion post. I couldn’t be more proud of myself. The fact that I’m writing this after sticking with it for a full year is the best feeling. If you are new to reading my blog. I’ve written an update post for every month since I started. I wanted to do this for me or anyone that might be interested in starting a blog or anything they might have thought about. Basically my diary of my first year blogging. It was important for me to do this.

I have a post on why I started my blog. Check it out.


How I came up with the name for my blog. Ok so this was probably one of the hardest things to do when I started. I think it took me a month to really come up with something. I would write things down constantly. Has anyone ever had to think of a name or things to describe yourself. I was starting to think, Damn am I boring or what, LOL! It was a struggle. I wanted it to be me. Besides my Mom, the other special person in my life is my Grandma. She only speaks Spanish, I don’t. So growing up we spoke to her in English and she responded in Spanish. And it worked she understood us and we understood her. And to me that was always a special thing we had with my grandma. If I need to define my style its Simple. Whether its fashion, home decor, My cooking etc. So I thought perfect. I will do half english and half Spanish. And after days of thinking I came up with Stylesencillo (simple style). I love it and I hope you all like the meaning behind it.


So in a Year what have I learned. I’ve learned a lot. But not necessarily about Blogging. I’m still learning that. What I learned is much deeper than blogging. I learned to give myself more credit. I am my worst critic. I felt I was so hard on myself in the beginning. To the point where it wasn’t fun for me. It was adding more stress to my day. Social media can be a hard thing. We are always looking at others and thinking we need to be like them. I had a break where I was like wait. What are you doing?! I promised myself that I would stay me. I decided to be more laid back. If I couldn’t go shopping for the newest styles I would look in my closet and create an outfit from something I already had. I decided to show more of my family life because that’s who I am. I’m a mom and a wife first. I love my family more than fashion. So why not add fam and fashion together. Once I decided that would be my road for my blog. I swear it took a load of stress off me. I love mommy blogging. I love sharing mommy things and family things. Fashion will always be apart of my Blog because it’s still a big part of me. But it’s not important.


So what has changed after a year of blogging. My confidence has grown so much. And for that I’m so happy. I’ve become more in the moment type of person. I was always such a worrier about everything. I have really started enjoying every minute of life. My kids are so important to me and I don’t want to miss a second. Blogging has also gotten us to venture out more. Because I love sharing with all of you. We’ve become more spontaneous. I love it. And can’t wait to share more.


What are my goals for blogging. I plan on going on and on until life doesn’t allow me to do it. As long as blogging doesn’t interfere with my family I will keep going. I would love to grow as a blogger and grow my followers. Hoping others find me and like me. I would love to see what blogging can bring to me as a career. I’m putting this out there in the world that one day, with lots of work and my heart in it. I hope to one day make this a very successful blog where I can hire a team of ladies that will inspire me and others. And to give back to others. I love helping people and right now blogging is fulfilling those needs of helping others. It might be just one or two, but knowing my blog can inspire or help someone brings me so much joy.

I want to thank my Photographer that has been by my side the entire time. She has been such a great friend. I am so thankful that starting my Blog I’ve gained a really great friend. My hubby he has been the best. He’s my #1 cheerleader. He deals with my craziness. My kids are troopers. I love them. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my post. I appreciate all of you. Till next post.

XO Lisa

Mommy and Mini summer style

Mommy and Mini summer style

Hello Ladies! Summer is in full swing! We are enjoying the summer so far. We’ve been trying to get out as much as we can on the weekends. Since the hubs works all week. But the boys and I do try to get out during week. We still can’t wait to get out to the beach. So far we have set up play dates for Breaker and hang outs for David, Yes the big boys call it hang outs, LOL! Just trying to keep my boys busy and happy. I’m enjoying having them home. Yes I miss my alone time but they are getting so big that I’m cherishing every moment with them.


Today I wanted to give you some summer style. All of us Mom’s know that these kids grow like weeds. So every season we most likely have to buy new items. Since Breaker was little I’ve always liked old navy for his summer clothes. They always have the cutest styles and the prices are awesome. Not to mention all summer long they have sales. I scored some really cute items at 40% off. I got some cute stuff that I can mix and match all summer long.  Breakers wearing a tank and shorts from old navy. I’m kinda obsessed with yellow right now. So of course I ordered him this pair. But they have these in different colors so cute.


When shopping for the boys I’ll get them a few shirts with print but I mostly stick to solid colors. So that way I can match it with anything. The tees are always good to add a sweater or jean jacket once the weather cools up.


For my outfit! A few summer staples that I think we all should have in our closet. A good pair of jean shorts and a white top(linen) for summer, goes with everything. I plan to use this as a cover up with my swimsuits as well. A summer bag and some summer sandals, with a heel or flat. My summer style is very simple as all my season styles, LOL! But for summer, I love to keep it cool and simple. I always add a statement earring to jazz it up. My earrings are from Baublebar. My hat is from Target! I have been enjoying getting dressed, I’m so proud of my consistency with working out. I’m happy with how my clothes look and fit. For the first time in my life I’m not worried about the number on the scale. I’m staying consistent with my workouts and making better food choices. And for that I am proud.

Side note for all my Zara ladies. They are having an awesome sale right now! Check it out.

Hope you ladies liked this summer post with my Mini! Have a great week! Till next post!

XO Lisa