Eyebrow lamination/lash lift

Eyebrow lamination/lash lift

Hello Hello!! I’m finally writing on the blog! I really really miss it so much. But I’m gonna be honest, I just haven’t had the creative bug or the drive to write or create. I really don’t like feeling this way, but this year has just been super hard. And I know everyone knows this. It’s also just not a priority with my boys home they are keeping me extremely busy. And they are and will always be my priority.

But I’m here writing because I’ve recently posted on my eyebrow lamination and lash lift and I’ve received questions and interest on how it works and how I like it. So first eyebrow lamination, I got it done first in February of this year and absolutely loved it. I don’t have much eyebrows and my hair hardly grows. So this really gave my eyebrows that lift and fuller look. So the actual treatment is about an hour long, and last from 6-8 weeks. Price range varies but mostly between $80-140. Obviously do the research on where you go. You want someone who has experience and knows what they are doing. I’d say totally worth it.

before eyebrow lamination and lash lift/ After

Lash lift, ok so for about 2 years I had been getting lash extensions and I loved them, I loved how they looked. They made my simple makeup look so beautiful. Well pandemic hits and we can’t get anything done. I was a bald panda on my lashes once the extensions all came off. Well I had lashes but they weren’t long or full. I felt naked, lol! So being we had a lot of time on our hands I started using a lash serum and it worked wonders for my lashes and didn’t irritate me at all, I used babe lash, you can find them online. I used that for months and when things started to reopen I decided to try a lash lift, I absolutely loved it so much. My lashes are naturally straight and I’m not big on mascara so the lash lift just gave them that beautiful natural look. So the lift is a treatment that takes an hour, it’s pretty much perming your lashes. Should last 6-8 weeks, price range $80-$140! I’d say worth it!

So pros and cons for extensions and lash lift on my experiences!

Extensions are great they look beautiful, they just glam up any makeup look. But you will lose some of your natural lashes, it is an expensive upkeep if you go every 2 weeks. You won’t be able to rub your eyes good because you will loosen them. Pretty much my thoughts on extensions!

Lash lift is great if you like a more natural look and have those pesky straight lashes. Also great if you are like me where most mascaras irritate the eyes. Also less upkeep since treatment last 6-8 weeks. But again like any kind of treatments I’m sure you can lose some lashes. I’ve yet to discover this but I’m sure it can happen. I wouldn’t say I have found any cons with lash lift I’ve had it done twice and I absolutely love it.

check out @browsbylizette on Instagram if you are in the LA area, she great!

till next post, keep safe everyone and I hope to be back soon!

XO Lisa

Virtual learning tips

Virtual learning tips

Hello friends!! Welcome back to my Blog! It’s been a little slow over here but I’m happy to be back this week with a new post! Hope everyone is staying healthy!

So as we know out World is so different Right now, it’s been one thing after another these past 7 months! One of the biggest changes was school this year. That has been mind blowing that our kids have to be basically home schooled. But we make the best out of this situation we have been given and we get it done! It’s been 5 weeks since we started virtual learning, I have a post on all the supplies I purchased that are actually working well for us till this day! Check it out!

But for the real post after 5 weeks what tips, tricks and don’ts do I have! So if you are a parent of a teenager, just be on top of the daily work. Those big kids need that push, and just be supportive as much as you can. I check in with my oldest morning and afternoon to make sure he doesn’t need help. I think letting them know they have your support is key! Also maybe recommend them to have zoom calls with their friends if they need that extra help. My son will do assignments on a group chat with his buddies that have the same class, they laugh they get work done. Highly recommend that! Don’t think just because it’s high school they don’t need to be asked daily if they did their work! I made that mistake thinking he was on top of it and the second week he was overwhelmed!

Ok so parents with little ones!!! Yes those pesky little creatures we call little kids, just kidding! Ok so first I need to come out here and say we don’t have extra room in my house to set up a whole desk situation for my little one. And even if I did I don’t think it would even work out for him. He moves a lot like a lot! He can’t ever stay still! The first week I had him set up on the dining room table and ya he fell off the chair from moving and he just wouldn’t focus 100%. So I decided to sit him on the carpet on the floor, I mean most of preschoolers and kindergarteners spend time learning on carpet time! He’s first grade so he’s still used to that. It’s been 4 weeks that he’s been set up on the floor and yes it might not be the best on his posture but he’s not on the floor for more than an hour and a half with 2 breaks. Believe me he’s not in any pain. I do have the iPad on this great stand so his neck isn’t slouching down. Purchased on amazon! And this great surf desk for when he does writing assignments, which is pictured above, again Amazon find! Honestly he’s so much more focused and it makes it easier on me when he’s focused! So my advice find the best spot for them I don’t think it needs to be a perfect desk, but definitely not a bed,Lol! I hear his teacher saying ok get out of your bed it’s not sleeping time. So ya no bed learning!

Lastly especially the parents with little ones!! To give a helping hand for our teachers! Make sure they go pee before zoom starts, I swear I hear kids ask the teacher if they can go pee like 10 minutes into zoom, I’m like shouldn’t they go before, they aren’t on that long! And make sure your kids are prepared! I leave the supplies out and paper for impromptu drawing times or notes! So many kids say hold on teacher I’m finding a pencil or paper. I think those 2 things will help a teacher out! It’s not easy for anyone!

I hope you found this helpful! And best of luck to all! We got this! Till next post!

XO Lisa

Back to school supplies(virtual learning)

Random stuff I like

Random stuff I like

Hello friends! Hope you all are doing well! And sending big hugs to all my Mamas out there holding it down with the virtual learning! And to all the teachers who are dealing with so much! I’ve just been trying to stay organized around the house to make our days easier and less chaotic. But Today I wanted to share some random things I like! I say random because it’s not one specific category. But most are things I use everyday, things I just discovered and I don’t know how I’ve gone this long without it! So here goes.


First I wanted to share beauty because I know everyone loves a good beauty find. And this is only because it’s a must for me, because lately I haven’t even worn makeup unless I need to shoot that day or we have errands. These 2 items I just recently discovered and being we all have to wear mask right now, my eyebrows are a must. Right before the pandemic I had my brows laminated and when places got the ok to re-open I had made an appointment to get it done again, Well that didn’t happen with the second closure. So I was desperate to find something that would make my brows look good. I ordered this brow wax was Patrick Ta. The clear wax was completely sold out so I knew it was probably good. They did have a tinted one and I read reviews that it didn’t really give color so I figured let me try. I love this stuff it works great gives your brows that more fluffed up look without them dropping. I honestly didn’t think I would like it that much. I recently also just started using this microfilling pen from benefit. This is really cool gives me realistic hair like strokes and is easy to use. This combo is a life saver for my brows especially with us wearing mask my brows and lashes have to pop! 

Next is Something I mentioned above, MASK! We all need them to get in stores, etc. I recently purchased some from Baublebar. And I’m going to state this I don’t think they are medical grade but they are pretty and comfortable. Normally I wear some with a filter inserted for extra protection, Those are Honest company! But if you want some pretty ones that you can maybe match with an outfit, if you will be dining outside or going to be somewhere outdoors, I recommend the Baublebar ones. 

If you all read my Blogs, You know I recently had a Breast reduction. Well I’m glad I have the choice to go braless these days, But I still want to keep it PG so nipple covers are a must! I ordered these from SKIMS, and I love them. They have good colors and they don’t hurt when you pull them off. They also do the job! Check them out. 

I had been wanting to try self tanning at home. But I don’t like the orange look and I don’t like a fuss. I finally took the plunge and ordered from LUX UNFILTERED, a brand started by a Blogger I really like. And let me tell you I love it. It’s easy to apply and gives me such a nice subtle color. I recently went to Palm springs and got a great real tan, So now I’m just keeping it up with this very hydrating tanning cream Check it out! you won’t be disappointed. 

Next one I never really believed in these type of sweat trainers or waist trainers. But this one I love. We go on daily walks in the evening and it has been a must to wear. I love to see all that sweat after I take it off, I swear I’ve noticed a difference since wearing it. Like I said totally random stuff I’m loving, LOL! 

I swear I’m almost done! Plants don’t let me get started! I’m loving plants so much they are just so calming to have and I love taking care of them. My friend recently started her little plant business. If I can have a whole wall of her plants she sells I would. If you are in the LA area check her out and order a baby plant. Seriously my newest obsession.

Ok lastly!!! My love for skinny margaritas is big! I order them everywhere I go and I love them. But making them with fresh lime juice can be annoying. I recently discovered this and let me tell you they are the perfect margaritas! Buy this and thank me later. All you need is your favorite tequila, add some of this perfect lime mix to a cup of ice in a salted rimmed glass and a splash of Topo Chico! You got yourself one good skinny marg! Cheers!  

Well that’s it My very random favorites list right now! But you know what Life is pretty random right now so Hey I’m just going with the flow! Till next post! 

XO Lisa 

Back to school supplies(virtual learning)

Back to school supplies(virtual learning)

Hello friends! It’s been a minute since I’ve posted. I’ve just been not in the mood. And I mean that in a nice way, because I love blogging and knowing I have my small community of readers. But I’m sure like most it’s hard to get out of this funk! And I had it bad this past month. Like really bad, I used to suffer from anxiety, but I learned to control it. But this past month has been a little hard. I’m still doing things I know help me out, but sometimes it just gets the best of me. I feel it’s the stress on the kids starting school. I know once we get into a routine my anxiety should subside. But for now I’m trying to exercise, take daily walks and just eat better. That truly helps me.

So the kids are starting school?! Well not like the normal back to school where all us moms are ready to get school days started. This time is beyond different. Most will be virtual learning! Before writing my post I just had an hour long zoom meeting with my youngest school. I felt so overwhelmed. I just have to keep positive and know will all get the hang of it!

I have 2 kids and one will be starting his junior year in high school and my youngest first grade. Totally different worlds for us! But we are all in this together! I found some cool things to organize my oldest because he loves organization! And I think when you have an organized space you just learn and feel better. I purchased this cart from amazon, I just checked and it’s completely sold out. But found one similar here!  This cart will keep his books and life in order. Without having a messy desk or looking for stuff when he should be listening to class. I also thought it would be cool in case he wants to take his class outside or in the living room he can just roll it out! I mean genius! With teenagers it is different I mean if you are a mom to a teen you know what I mean. We are annoying to them and they hate to hear us. I gave my son a big speech ,I just want him to know I’m 100% behind him and just want the best for his education, so I might get annoying but I just don’t want him to lose focus.

My youngest, so he will definitely need me 24/7 I purchased this little carrying organizer(pictured above by cart) from target dollar section, with him he needs his supplies like pencils, crayons, markers etc. they have very little books. Which I did designate a basket for that. But I thought this little carrying organizer was perfect for him, when school time starts he will pull it out and bring it with him to his designated learning space. Again easy to take outside or another room just to change it up. Also purchased this calendar so he knows what day it is and how many days school is before the weekend. Sadly the one I purchased is sold out but found this one! These little ones will be harder to control but I think if you have a nice structured space they will begin to get used to it and it will become a daily normal task. One thing I thought was a great idea for little ones that his principal recommended was get them dressed every morning. So they know once out of pajamas it’s time for learning. We have uniforms for school so she suggested they put on their uniform shirt so they are in the learning mood and know it’s school time. I thought that was a great idea. I also plan on putting his lunch in his box just so he gets used to eating on his own and he doesn’t forget independent eating. I think it will also let him know it’s still school time so no iPad while eating and standing up etc. I’m really trying to make it structured so once school starts again it won’t be so foreign to him.

I really hope this helped we are all in this together! Oh and moms don’t forget to enjoy happy hour on Fridays, lol I plan on getting some of my mom friends together on zoom just to talk and maybe see what advice or just funny stories we can share! I think this will help!
XO Lisa

Self care during COVID

Self care during COVID

Hello friends! Hope you all are doing great! I’m sure at this point we are all feeling some type of way. The news this week really got to me. From the closures again, to the schools not opening this fall, it’s all too much. We usually sign off on the news over the weekend because it’s just overwhelming. I can’t even come up with words on how I feel about the kids not being able to start school normal. I feel so bad for my oldest. It’s his junior year and he has so much to look forward to. My little one I feel so bad that he’s not getting his experience as he should for his first years. But that’s another blog post.

Today it’s all about self-care and how I feel it’s so important ,even more so right now. I’ve always been big on self-care! From my workouts, to going to my Zumba classes, getting my nails done, giving myself a day to pamper my face with face mask and just relax. Well ya a lot has changed since early March and self-care is a lot different, but a must!

Self-care Covid style! I’m still getting my workouts in, it heals my mind and body! Luckily my Zumba coach does live workouts online, who I’m Forever great full for. I love Zumba! I give myself a day to pamper my face! I take a very long shower, give myself a nice exfoliating face scrub, and just nourish my face. I love summer Friday’s products a lot for my self-care days! They have everything you need! I also don’t feel bad for relaxing. In the beginning I felt like I had to be doing something all day! Now if I’m done with things around the house, I sit down and enjoy a show.


Around the house! I’ve made my home more cozy, being home it gave me the opportunity to spruce it up! I finally have plants in my house, this has been something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. And plus they aren’t dying. I make sure I do a deep house cleaning every Monday! So that the week doesn’t seem crazy. It helps doing this Monday so the rest of the week I just pick up the normal day stuff. It helps me a lot. I leave weekends to do family stuff around the house. I don’t like heavy cleaning on weekends. I also started my garden finally! I’ve been talking about it for a bit. I’m starting slow and will work our way up. This has been so therapeutic to me. It also gives us family time outside while we water and just admire what’s growing! Being home is not ideal 24/7 but it’s safe. Finding what works for you helps! Keep a positive flow around the house and it doesn’t feel so bad. Taking care of yourself is so important at this time. Keeping positive is so important.

Sending everyone some positive vibes! Till next post!

XO Lisa

My Breast reduction journey:Part 3

My Breast reduction journey:Part 3

Hello friends! Hope you all are staying safe and healthy. I pray everyday that this virus goes away and a cure is made. This virus has been such a black cloud. I miss being able to be with family freely. It’s been so hard. Please stay safe.

As you know from my post this is the third part of my Breast reduction journey. If you haven’t read part one and two please do! It’s now been 5 weeks since my surgery. Last week I had my 4 week check up with my Doc. All is looking good and I’m on the right path to recovery. The past 5 weeks have been good. The first 2 weeks were harder since I can barely move my arms. But after that everyday I woke up better and better. By the 3rd week I was doing more of my normal stuff around the house. By the 4th week I was pretty much feeling way better with doing my big time cleaning around my house. This week I am able to start with moderation my workouts. With my doctors approval. He said not to push it though. So far I’m keeping it light. I work out for my mental health more than physical. So this was important.

Now that you’re all caught up on how I feel physically, I’m going to share how I feel mentally about my decision. I for a really long time wasn’t happy with my chest. It made me feel so uncomfortable. I didn’t like summer time because I knew my boobs never fit in summer clothes properly. I would look in the mirror and just always think like why does my body have to be so un-proportioned. I know this seems so vain but I promise I wasn’t. Being uncomfortable with my chest for such a long time even kept me from certain things. Like I said this might sound vain to others but it was something I had struggled with since the 5th grade.

Now I’m so happy. I feel like a load has lifted off my shoulders, no literally it was a load literally weighing down my shoulders, lol! I can breathe better, I just overall feel healthier. My big boobs sat on my chest so heavy that I would feel like I couldn’t breathe right. They were just so heavy. My Doctor is my angel, he was very honest with me and kept me informed the entire time. I love my results so much, I wanted to be small like really small! But my doctor explained to me that it was all up to how my tissue was in the inside and my body frame. He can only take so much for it to be safe. Well I’m happy so happy! They are so perfect for my body frame. Funny story I showed my grandma my new chest and her words in Spanish “ Te ves mas normal” I was like gee thanks grandma, lol! But it was the truth! I’m still recovering my scars are still healing but my heart is happy! I’m so happy with my decision.

Thank you for following along!! Till next post.

XO Lisa

Aquarium of the pacific:After Covid-19 policies

Aquarium of the pacific:After Covid-19 policies

Hello my friends! Happy official summer to you all! Congrats mamas! We did it we survived one of the most abnormal school years ever! So now that summer is officially here, the kids I’m sure are restless being we’ve been home for the past 3 months. I’m super aware of what’s going, I’ve been pretty strict these 3 months especially when it comes to the boys. I’m still not that comfortable with venturing out. We even keep seeing family to a limit. It’s just what I feel is right for us and the people I care about.

I feel like now that everything is starting to open we feel a little torn on what is right. All I can say is what I feel is right for me and my family. I don’t judge others on what they decide to do or not. I just think as long as you’re  practicing safe measures. Wearing a mask is so important and keeping that 6 feet distance! And wash your hands!!

So with that said I wanted to plan an outing just to feel a little normal and get my boys out of the house. I decided on Aquarium of the pacific. Breaker loves animals, fish and he had never been. David hadn’t been since he was 5. The hubby had never been. I read all their rules and I felt comfortable. You buy tickets online and reserve the day and time! That’s what I liked! We picked a Monday being it would be less crowded. We did 11am time slot perfect for us! We did the entire exhibit in about an hour. We had to wear mask and they had stickers on the floor to show guest how far they should be! I was surprised and happy  that everyone was sticking to the rules.

We had a great time, the boys enjoyed it so much and so did we. It was such a calming environment and just let us escape for a bit. Breakers favorite were the sea lions! He even picked a stuffed one to take home and named it  sealy pronounced “silly” he thought of that name and I’m here for it. David liked the jelly fish! My favorite were the penguins! Oh they were so cute! They all had colored beads and a chart so you knew the names! Our favorite was Whatever, yes that was the penguins name! Overall just a fun hour away from home! I know it’s scary to venture out right now. But I felt comfortable and we just practiced safe distance and wore mask! The good part is we didn’t have to touch anything! You enjoy with your eyes!

till next post!

P.S we found Dori! By far our family favorite fish!

XO Lisa

My Breast reduction journey:Part two

My Breast reduction journey:Part two

 Hello friends! I hope you all are doing well. I know right now our World is changing. I really pray and hope for the best. I’m just going to say this and speaking as a mom. Be kind to everyone. My mom taught my sisters and I to be kind no matter what. I never saw her treat anyone different because of where they came from. So that’s what I want to teach my boys. 

So if you haven’t read my part one, go now! So let’s get started with Part two. Since I’m going to only do three parts, I’ll do this one in 3 parts.

Pre-op: If you are all caught up with part one, you know I left off with scheduling my surgery. We picked June 2,2020. It’s now time to get ready. With Covid very much in our world things are a little different. Not only did I need the regular routine blood work, I had to have a Covid test 5 days before surgery. So being I had about a week and a half to prep I made sure I got all of it done. I also made sure the boys were good and my house was clean. The hubby is still working from home so this was a lot easier to plan. One last Dr visit and it’s go time!

Surgery day: It’s June 2 and it’s time. I wanted my mom to pick me up and take me, since we’ve been quarantined, I hadn’t spent time with my mom. So the drive to the surgery center was very important it be her. Obviously with Covid around no one can go in the center with you. Didn’t bother me much, But my mom cried when she dropped me off. I’m like Mom it’s elective i’m fine. Prepping is started right away, Dr B makes his marks on my chest and it’s time! Totally not nervous at all. I get more nervous for after. Going In I was pretty cool. I remember them wheeling me in transferring me to the surgery table and that’s it!

Post-op: Waking up in recovery! Wow i’m done, a long time dream is finally complete. All I can think of was going home and seeing my boys. Post surgery is always the hardest. First day home I’m still out of it, throwing up from Anesthesia and just sore very sore. Second day was tough I’m still not wanting to eat but trying to so I can take my pain pills, which were making me feel so nauseous. My throat hurting from all the tubes and the length of surgery, My surgery was 4 hours. Trying to cough but scared because of the pain, You know the fun stuff. Third day and I feel horrible! Realizing the pain pills were making me feel worse because of the nausea. It’s Thursday, Surgery was Tuesday and I decide to stop taking pain pills. Friday morning I wake up like wow, I feel better. I mean the pain is there but totally bearable. Taking it easy the next few days and finally able to eat something. As you can see by my photos how my appetite got better as days went by. I was told by my Dr to eat pineapple to help the bruising. So you better believe I had pineapple juice, pineapple slices with every meal.

Overall I was expecting much more pain, I mean I was in pain but I’m thankful I’m having a nice smooth recovery. I’m writing this and it’s been one week and 2 days from surgery and I feel great. Of course a lot more recovery on the bust, but I’m able to shower normal and I can finally comb my hair. That was tough not being able to do that. All boys in my house and not one knew how to put a scrunchie on my hair! I had to call on my mama she came to save the day! I’m slowly getting into my groove again. Taking it easy and just can’t wait to see what 6 weeks recovery will look like. Not gonna lie my boobies scare me right now with all the sutures and the way they were cut they look a little scary. But I knew the scaring would be pretty intense. I’m ok with that. I’ll be back with Part 3 to share more of my recovery and just how I feel overall about my decision!

Thank you for following along!

XO  Lisa

My Breast reduction journey:Part one

My Breast reduction journey:Part one

Hi Friends! Hope you all are well today! Seriously can’t believe it’s June already. Ok so I’m going to get right into this post. As you can see by the Title, It’s going to be very personal. I wanted to share this journey because it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for many years, Over 10 to be exact. And I felt confident to share my story and maybe help someone that maybe thinking about this type of surgery. So let’s get started with Part one!

First I want to share a back story with you about my life with larger boobs. I remember starting to notice in 5th grade that my boobs were a little on the larger side, Compared to my classmates. I remember being so uncomfortable with them, I wasn’t ready to have them. I wore sports bras because I felt so weird wearing regular “lady bras” I would wear my school sweater all the time. They kept growing and growing. Me always so uncomfortable with them. So now comes 8th grade, I’m bigger than most girls in my class, I went to a catholic school so we wore uniforms. It was picture day and since it was my last year before going off to high school I remember wearing this dress that was a little form fitting in the boob area. Well being I wore uniform I hid them pretty well. A very mean boy in my class told everyone I stuffed my bra, Not true and that just drew attention to me more. I was mortified, I went home crying feeling so ashamed of my big boobs. Well thankfully I would be going to high school with all girls very soon and I didn’t have so see those classmates anymore. In high school with all girls I felt better and didn’t feel so weird because other girls had large boobs. And I mean I finally liked my boobs, LOL! You know the 90’s were big on halter tops and mine happen to fill the top in perfect.

So fast forward to having babies! We all know that changes them real fast. After having my oldest I’d say about 8 years after I started to feel so uncomfortable again with my boobs. So I went to see a Dr to talk about a reduction this was in 2009. Well that Dr discouraged me so much, I didn’t feel comfortable at all. So I put the idea on the back burner, Well In 2013 I had my second baby, And well I breastfed him for 2 1/2 years. So you all can imagine how those boobies worked overtime! I was also getting close to being 40, Which I always said by 40 I want to be comfortable in my skin. Which don’t get me wrong I was very much comfortable, I worked out more than I ever have in my life. I actually felt good. But I always said I would get this done by 40. So I go see a Doctor who is really close to my family. I’ve known him for a long time and felt comfortable with him. I had my consultation, I left happy and now I just have to save my money!

This year comes and it’s time! I’m turning 41 and I’m ready. It’s March 11, 2020! I have my second appt to discuss surgery date etc. I leave that appt so happy and planning on a surgery date for April 6 my birthday! I can’t even tell you the excitement I felt. Not even a week later the world will change so drastically and we are all put on a stay at home order and all elective surgeries are to be canceled till further notice. I was sad but like all of us I was worried about the world, my family and friends. Boobs were not even an issue. But now one month, 2 months, I start to get extremely frustrated. And like most of us just getting anxiety from being inside and away from family. Just trying to make the best out of the situation we are all in. Well on May 19,2020 I get a call saying Dr B can see you so we can schedule that surgery! My heart sank, I was so excited. May 21, 2020 I go see Dr B and I can’t tell you how excited I am. Now it’s time to schedule!

I’m sharing this very personal journey because I felt compelled to share. I don’t think cosmetic surgery is for everyone and I don’t think people should be judged because they make this decision. I also want to say I appreciate my body even my boobies, my body birthed two humans and nourished them. I’m proud of my body. These boobies are just too heavy for my small frame. And I can’t wait to share part 2 with you!

Stay safe everyone! Till next post!

XO Lisa


Rainbow French toast

Rainbow French toast

Hello my friends! I’ve missed you all! I’ve missed writing. I’m hoping to be back now full time on the blog. I just took a much needed break due to the circumstances we were all left to deal with. The boys should be done with school June 12 so that will give me some extra time to be creative! And hoping life can slowly get back to normal. I mean who is so needing some hair TLC and Nail TLC Lol! But Today I wanted to share a fun bright brunch, you can make to add some smiles to your friends and family!

I’ve been trying to make special brunch items for the boys, you know just to add some special touches to our day! I love French toast my mom would make us French toast a lot. I’m glad my boys like it! But I added a special twist to our French toast. First I ordered the rainbow bread from the little market, they offer fresh baked goods from homeboyindustries! They deliver too! You have to order at least $40 worth and be in the area for home delivery! Order before Wednesday’s at 10am and you get your fresh delivery by Friday of the same week! Let me tell you worth it! The bread was yummy! We even ordered a fudge brownie and that was delicious. I made a fun basket for my good friends babies first bday! You’ll see that cutie in the photo enjoying it! So here’s my recipe! Super easy and yummy!

  1. Rainbow bread( if you can’t get rainbow any thick good bread will do)
  2. Eggs
  3. half and half( or milk)
  4. vanilla extract
  5. Cinnamon 
  6. Butter        

    So get all your ingredients! Depending on how much you will make is how much egg you will use, so for me I used 3 eggs and mixed about 1/4 cup of half and half, 1 tsp of vanilla extract and a generous dash of cinnamon! Whip your eggs with your ingredients, in a skillet heat butter on medium heat. Dip bread slices in your egg whip on both sides make sure it’s pretty soaked. Place dipped bread in the warm skillet and cook on both sides. Once done add some butter and your favorite syrup and you have delicious French toast! 

    Enjoy! Till next post! 
    XO Lisa