My Beach essentials

Hi Hermosas! I hope all you lovely ladies had a great weekend! So we finally made it out to the beach before the 4th. Oh, how I wish we were at the Beach this past weekend. It was HOT here in Los Angeles. I wanted to share my Beach essentials with you. I’m the type that over packs for everything. I’m currently working on that bad habit, lol! Our beach day was a last-minute plan since my man had the day off last Monday. So the plan was to pack light “rolling eyes” and feed the kiddos in the car, so we didn’t have to pack a cooler. This is pretty much what I packed!


I love me a Big beach bag that I can throw all our stuff in. I prefer mesh or plastic, so much easier to clean it after. Of course a beach umbrella is a must. I love the sun but I’m also trying to stay young-looking! Don’t forget your sunscreen. I always lather us up before and once we get to the beach. I also bring along this fabulous facial spray from Mario Badescu.  I love it for when I know I’ll be out in the heat. It’s also great to keep in your purse to freshen up and hydrate your skin. I live for this spray on our Vegas trips! I think the most exciting thing I wanted to share with you all are these cute round beach towels!! I see them all over IG and last year I never purchased one. So you know I was on it this year, I literally ran into the mall just to get these cute towels from Cotton on. SO SO cute and I got them on SALE. They are still on sale and seriously they are just too cute to pass up! Run ladies get them!! Hope this helps out with us over packers, lol! Sometimes getting to the beach with kids feels more like work, thinking about all the packing. Just grab these few things and feed those kiddos in the car and enjoy the Beach like we did. XO Lisa

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