More wears Less tears

Hello Hermosas! This post is for my Mamas out there! First let me formally introduce my sweet little Angel, Breaker. He’s my 3 year old, actually almost 4 “sad tears!”. He’s a Ham in front of the camera. He’s our crazy, energetic, loving, happy little guy! A little story on his name, Breaker! With my pregnancy being a little older it wasn’t the easiest. Soon I’ll write on both my pregnancies since there is a 10 year gap. Back to his name, Daddy wanted something cool. In my belly he was crazy like he is in real life, jumping all over! I knew he needed a name that would fit his personality. Daddy loves break dancing, and no joke, I felt like at times he was break dancing in my belly!! So one day Daddy said” how about Breaker?”. I loved it, honestly we never even had another name, It was his name from the start. Breaker is the perfect fit!

96E49123-88A5-4788-BE7F-C59BA79B65DA.jpgI wanted to share with you all a DIY, I do for a lot of Breakers clothes! Us mamas know how fast they grow and how pricy clothes can’t get. Especially when you have more than one kid. I have a teen so his clothes can get pretty pricy! This is nothing so amazing, it’s pretty simple because I can’t sew, lol!  The picture above, I wish I took a before picture, but I forgot! I basically turned a long sleeve button up into a sleeveless button up. I cut the sleeves off really carefully with good scissors. Normally I like to pass down Breakers clothes to relatives. If they are in good condition or we donate. But occasionally, I have a hard time parting with items I love. This is a way to get more wears. So any-kind of shirt or pants that you know come winter they will not fit, But you love the style. Just cut them! I managed to take a before of the pants I cut to make him some stylish shorts.


Hope you Mamas found this helpful! I’m sure it’s nothing new, But I wanted to give a few examples of how we can stretch out these kiddos clothes! Hope you all have a great weekend!

XO  Lisa and Breaker

2 thoughts on “More wears Less tears

  1. So simple but great idea!! My boys share lots of clothes but this is a great way to hold on to some items I hate to part with!

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