Why I started my blog

Hello Hermosas! It’s Monday another week to get Motivated! I hope everyone had a nice weekend! I had a nice chill weekend! I had a photo shoot with my favorite photographer. Can’t wait to share the looks we did! I wanted to talk a little about why I started my blog. It’s been 3 weeks since I went live! It’s been such a fun 3 weeks. I hope you all have enjoyed my post! More and more to come, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to learn more and make new friends.


I’ve always been a shy girl, like really shy. At times my shyness gets mistaken with maybe being a bit snobby, mean or just unapproachable. But I’m not at all. I love meeting new people, Once you get to know, me we will be besties. So going back to why I started my blog. 8 years ago I had an idea to start a blog. I was a single working mom that at times wanted an escape from my daily routine. Well it never happened because, I was scared to put myself out there like that. In between, I met my soul mate, we got pregnant and we had a son.  Before maternity leave, I got laid off. It wasn’t a surprise it was a scheduled lay off. Which at the time was pretty nice because I was able to stay home with my baby. I was sad though. I had been at my job 16 years, it was my second home. So new to being a stay at home mom, it took a long time to get used to. When Breaker was 6 months old I wanted to start the blog I had always dreamt of. Even bought my domain and everything but never had the courage to put it out and actually write something. As time passed I was feeling a little sad, lonely and un-accomplished. I know I needed to do something for myself. As a stay at home mom, it can get lonely at times. I mean I’m super busy with the kids and my big guy! But I wanted some kind of escape for myself. I love clothes like love. I love to keep up with fashion, makeup, cool things. I remember back in the day going out, I would go on pinterest for outfit inspos. I would get a lot of compliments on my outfit choices. Finally to think at 38 I finally gained the courage to start my blog. I’m so excited, I love sharing with you all. My goal is to grow my blog family and give some beautiful working moms, stay at home moms or just ladies who want some inspo! So thank you if you are reading this. It means so much! I hope this wasn’t too long or too boring, lol! Till next post my blog family!

XO Lisa

P.S Giveaway is over, I’ll announce the winner on Friday on my blog and Instagram! Thank you to those that joined! Look out for more giveaways.! XO 

7 thoughts on “Why I started my blog

  1. So great of you to share Lisa! Glad you finally decided to actually do it. I do remember you being shy in HS but never thought you were a snob. I can totally relate to the transition from working to staying at home! It is definitely an adjustment! So thank you for sharing!

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