Laser Hair removal experience

Happy Monday Ladies! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Another week to start fresh! I wanted to do a short post on my Laser hair removal experience. It’s funny because back in high school when I first heard of laser hair removal it seemed so scary. I’m talking 20 years ago to be exact! I also heard so many things that turned me away from laser hair removal. Some being, you can’t shave in between sessions, it’s so painful, it’s so expensive. Well not sure if those were true back in the day, but today no! At least not from my opinion. And let me disclose that this is all from my experience, I’m not talking for everyone.

One of my biggest problem areas to shave were my underarms. I was extremely sensitive and not to mention, I felt like my hairs grew overnight. I was probably shaving everyday so that was really irritating the area. I was also self-conscious about wearing tank tops because with shaving you get the dark shadow. I absolutely hated that, it looked gross and dirty. So I finally started Laser hair removal in October 2016. Life changing Lol, ok dramatic, but seriously love it! My favorite part of laser is the dark shadow gone and saving money on razors. Again telling you from my experience. I go once a month it’s affordable, it’s fast, it’s tolerable and I do not shave at all. Hair hardly grows. Something people don’t know is it’s reducing the growth, not completely stopping the growth. But if your good with your appointments and commit to your once a month, let me tell you most likely you won’t have to shave at all.

I also started my upper lip back in December 2016. So the reason I decided to laser my upper lip is I felt waxing every 2 weeks was getting expensive not to mention as we age our skin becomes thinner. So I didn’t like the pulling of the wax in that area so often. I’m not going to lie this is a little more uncomfortable than underarm area. I won’t say painful just uncomfortable because it’s so close to your nose. But overall the procedure is so fast, it’s totally tolerable. I’ll link the place I go to and they also have Instagram. They do a lot of other procedures you might find awesome. I do plan to start my legs and bikini area after summer. Reason you have to limit your sun bathing before and after treatment. I hope you ladies found this helpful!

XO Lisa

P.S I’m not at all sponsored by them, But if you pay them a visit put down that Lisa Aguirre sent you! XO

Flawless laser center – burbank,Ca.

4 thoughts on “Laser Hair removal experience

  1. Awesome! I’ve been curious about this for a long time.
    I’ll have to save up and find a place close to home to
    get started 🙂
    Also on your beauty post, I love the L’Oréal mascara
    and make up sponges too! I’ve tried many others and
    for the money and quality, you can’t beat it!
    Love reading your posts 💖


  2. I do agree with the laser hair removal… it’s one of the best things I’ve done. I did my underarms, upper lip, and bikini area. Absolutely loved it. I feel so much cleaner. Lol Not sure if you felt the same but when I did my upper lip, my gums and teeth felt weird. Did you get that feeling??


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