Sunday brunch vibes

Hello Hermosas! Another week done! I hope all my LA ladies are keeping cool. It’s so HOT, I can’t function. So I hope this post makes sense, LOL! Any plans this weekend? Well if yes, I got you covered for a possible weekend outfit! One of my favorite things to eat is Breakfast! So one of my favorite things to do is Brunch. My guy loves lunch so Brunch is our happy medium! My other favorite is FASHION! So lets talk about this cute outfit I put together with Brunch on my mind!

I found this peach ruffle bottom dress online from Forever 21. The day I happened to look they were having a sale called black friday in July! I got this dress for $9. I’m always a little skeptical on ordering dresses online. Reason since we’re all friends I can tell you. I have abig bust and small bottom. A trick is I try to stay away from more fitted dresses when ordering online and dresses without zippers. Just a little helpful hint if you have my issue. This dress has a zipper but I can tell by the picture it was a more loose fit. So it was perfect. I matched it up with an oversized denim jacket to give it more of a fun casual look. Of course it’s so hot here in LA you can ditch the jacket! The denim jacket I found at H&M. I love the denim jackets from there. Always good quality and reasonable. The shoes I talked about on my previous post!


A little story on the Jade bracelets I have on. Since I can remember I’ve always wanted some. We took a trip to San Francisco in April of course we walked through china town. I told my big guy that I always wanted some Jade Bracelets so we went in a little jewelry store and I got them! One thing I love about my Guy is if I tell him a story about my past whether it be something I wanted or wanted to do as a kid or young adult. He tries to make it happen. It’s one of the many things I love about him. Ladies I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Till next post!

XO Lisa

Peach dress– I couldn’t find the one I have but found this cute one.

Denim Jacket-I’m wearing a size 6 Top size is usually medium.

Earrings– My favorite brand from target Sugar fix by Baublebar


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