My fashion Icon

Hello My Loves! Hope everyone had a nice weekend! Today I wanted to share a very special dedication post. My Grandma just celebrated her Birthday over the weekend. She turned 84, She is the most beautiful and chic 84-year-old! As long as I can remember I’ve always been in Awe of my Grandma. I’ve never seen my Grammy with grey hair, no nails, or messy attire. She even looks cute when she’s cleaning her house. She loves fashion and for me has always been a person I look up to in fashion. My Grandma has 9 children, She gave me my beautiful Mommy! I’ve lost count on how many grandchildren we are and not to mention great grandkids, LOL! Growing up I remember as a child my mom would take my Grammy shopping, Oh boy did I not like those days. I was like 8 and we would be there for hours and hours, LOL! Now I can think back and appreciate those days. She was a true fashionista! Her fashion is so timeless and so chic. Her hair is always so beautiful and not to mention her nails are always done so beautifully. My Grandma keeps up with the trends till this day! She is for sure my Fashion Icon!


Te amo querida abuela!

XO Lisa

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