Favorite Drug store nail polish

Happy Friday Hermosas! WOW, this was a tough week. David’s back at school, preparing Breaker for his first day next week. This mama is exhausted. Trying to find my balance with house work, workouts, cooking, family time and blogging. I’ll find it eventually! But Oh how I look forward to writing my Blog post. And please feel free to comment if you want me to talk or review about something! So let’s get on with this post. Today I wanted to talk about nail polish. I love getting my nails done. Since being a stay at home mom I’m always in-house clothes. So my nails being done make me happy! I’m super picky with nail polish so I always bring my own color with me , unless I’m doing gel from the salon. These polishes have been my favorite this year! From the price being so good, the quality of the nail polish is amazing. They have so many colors to choose from. I can’t wait to pick up some fall colors. You can find these lovely polishes at Rite Aid the brand is LA Girl.



These colors have been on my spring and summer rotation. I love me a good nude polish and a pale pink. This bright orange was so fun I picked that one up just last week for my last summer nail color before fall! For me I love a white polish on my toes it’s so fresh and so chic. This white is by far my favorite white. And let me tell you I’ve tried so many from high-end to middle to low. It’s the perfect white nail polish. Let just say these nail polishes last my daily dish washing and my toes don’t chip at all until next pedi time! Do I need to say more, LOL! Oh and one of the perks of me picking out some new polishes it gives me an excuse to grab some good old thrifty ice cream! You ladies have a great weekend!

XO Lisa

Pink color- Illusion

nude color-sensual

white color-striking

bright orange-Impulse

*you can find these at your local rite aid or online at LA girl.

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