My Top 5 NELA breakfast spots

Hello Ladies! Another week accomplished! I’m finally getting back into routine with the new school year. And it’s kind of nice to have a little more free time! So I thought this post would be perfect for my new routine! So where are all my NELA ladies at? If you aren’t familiar with this area, We are in the middle of Eagle rock, Ca and Pasadena, Ca. About a 10 minute drive from Old town Pasadena where the good old rose parade lives! It’s a little area called Highland Park. I’ve pretty much been in this are since I was little. If not in Highland park no more than 10 minutes away. I mean if your familiar with this area ,I’ve been hanging out here since highland park had a good old fashion Bob’s big boy restaurant. Oh how I miss that place, it was a nice treat as a kid. In the last, I’d say 4 years this area has really popped up on the map. A lot different from what I remember. I’m super happy with the change, not to mention we have so many cool eateries to choose from. Some being old and some being fairly new. Today I want to share my top 5 Breakfast spots!


1st would be a place I frequent the most, because of my kids. Donut Friend is a family favorite in my house. We all love donuts. I mean who doesn’t love a donut for breakfast. They are vegan, they have gluten-free options and some nice coffee selections. They also have ice cream you can add in your donut, I’d say that would be a great dessert. We love it and I suggest if you’re in the area to check it out.


2nd is more of a sit down place called The Highland cafe. Where you can get some work done and have a good bite to eat, or just have a really good coffee. They have a really nice breakfast menu and lunch, something for everyone. And is just really cool inside. My favorite is the green chilaquiles, Yum so good! And the Mayan mocha is delicious hot or cold.


3rd would be Cafe de leche, a cute corner coffee shop. If you’re in the mood for a good cup of coffee with a small bite to eat, this is the place. You can get a coffee with a nice bagel, scone or croissant. This place I like if I’m meeting my friend for coffee to chit-chat. Not to mention there is a cute little park if you have the kids with you. Grab a coffee to go and head over to the park. My favorite drink is the Horchata latte good hot or cold!


4th is something that’s pretty popular on IG, for that good IG pic. Yes I’m guilty of it. Berry Bowl is a spot you can get an Acai bowl, fresh juice or smoothie. This is for your busy morning when you just want that fuel for a long day! Very good Acai bowls.


5th would be a favorite of mine called Civil Coffee. This place is so cute inside and has probably one of my top favorite coffee’s. And the avocado toast, OMG! this place is another nice working spot, friend chit-chat date or just a calm place to have a coffee and delicious bite to eat. My favorite coffee is called The Figueroa, it’s so delicious again hot or cold you can’t go wrong. Not to mention a nice spot to take a pic.

Hope you ladies enjoyed this post, I’m working on a lunch/dinner one and cocktails in NELA post. So stay tuned! Hope you lovelies have a wonderful weekend!

XO Lisa


One thought on “My Top 5 NELA breakfast spots

  1. Yes getting back into school routine isn’t easy with my lil ones, but we’re getting there!
    Yes lots of changes in LA & near the LA area right!! Great stuff! Love the tips & coffee recs! Hanna so much for sharing!! I’m really looking forward to the dinner/drinks recs!!
    Thanks again for a great blog!


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