Pre-school update

Hi Hermosas! Happy Monday, I hope all you beauties are relaxing at home on this labor day! It’s been so hot, I’m really looking forward to some cooler weather. I wanted to give you all an update on Breaker’s pre-school and how mommy is doing, LOL!

So the first day was perfect he went in his classroom so good, no crying! I think mommy and daddy had a harder time dealing. We picked him up and he looked so happy. Breaker loves to learn and was really needing some social time with kids. Being around mommy, daddy and big brother he really needed to be around kids his age. The reason we loved this school, not only location it takes me 5 minutes from home. They focus on social skills. That’s what we wanted more for Breaker right now. Now 2 weeks in and he loves going to school, But were having an issue. It’s quite funny but not funny! Breaker hates to wear shoes and the second day I guess feeling more comfortable he took his shoes off at school. Yes, I get to school and he has them off. The teacher is trying to put them back on him. I talked to him about it and told him he can’t do that at school. Shoes only come off at home. So the following week I give him another talk about keeping his shoes on. I get to school and pick him up and I’m so happy he has his shoes on. I go in to class to get him and I tell the teacher “oh good he kept his shoes on” she says ” No we just put them back on him, we had to chase him around class to get them back on” Standing there like “Oh!” This mama was lost for words and I’m a little lost on what to do. I gave him another talk on how important it is to keep shoes on. So let’s hope this week he keeps his shoes on, LOL! Besides that he is enjoying school!

So for me I’m loving it. I get a whole 6 hours a week to myself. I’m getting errands done, house cleaning, exercise and some quite time to work on my blog. I love it! Any mommy’s out there feeling sad or scared for little ones starting school.  Just know your not alone and believe me it’s such a nice thing for mommy and child. Hope you all got a little laugh from this post. I mean just picture those poor teachers running after my kid to put his shoes on! Geez, embarrassed mommy over here! Have  great week!

XO Lisa

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