Simple White tee style

Hi Ladies! Yet another week accomplished! This week was a little hard. All of us are suffering from allergies. We all get them in my house. My older son suffers from allergies all year-long. This coming season seems to be the worst one for him. They can be so draining! Will get through it, Lol! With the weather hopefully getting cooler soon, I wanted to share a favorite style of mine. I’ve always been a very simple yet chic dresser. I don’t like anything uncomfortable. Especially now,  I think as I get older comfort is key! My thing is always a cute pair of shoes or a really good handbag.

I put together this look that would be great for a last-minute dinner and drinks kind of night, A movie date or just a good old cocktail date. You can’t go wrong with a white tee and some cool jeans. Both white tee and jeans are from Zara. These are the same jeans that I talked about in my last fashion post. They are awesome, the stretch and the comfort is great! The white tee is cozy, not tight or too big. I paired this outfit with some shoes that I bought about 3 years ago. Funny story after I had my son, I’m sure all us mommy’s can relate. Obviously nothing fits. To make me feel better I went on a shoe craze since my feet were the only things that didn’t grow, LOL! So now I have some older shoes that I think still look cute. When buying shoes I always keep away from being too trendy, think timeless! These shoes were from Steve madden, I’ll link something similar down below. Handbag to be honest I haven’t shopped for new handbags in a while. With carrying a diaper bag for so long I wasn’t in the mood to shop for handbags. I usually gravitate towards my speedy or never full Louis Vuitton bags. Because even though my little one isn’t in diapers, I still pack a few things in my big bags for him. It just makes it easier. But I’m on the hunt for a cute cross body bag! Hopefully I’ll make a decision soon on which bag to get! It’s the little things, Lol! Hope you ladies liked this post! And hoping everyone has a lovely weekend!

XO Lisa

Zara white tee

Shoes(similar) and handbag


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