My Super hero

Hello Ladies! Hope you all had a great week! My week was pretty nice, accomplished a lot! So you know us busy mom’s getting our weekly list done is like “Amen.”

I’m a huge super hero fan, I mean, I can’t get enough of Marvel and DC comic movies. Hence why my oldest son is a huge fan, It’s in his blood! I mean who doesn’t love a super hero. My favorite movie thus far is Wonder Woman, So good I actually got choked up watching! So today I’m going to talk about My real life super hero.

“Not all Super Heroes wear capes, Some wear scrubs” Β 

quote unknown.

My sister Nicole. She’s my older wiser sister. Reason she is a super hero to me, Not only is she a great mom, caring sister and a wife. She is a Nurse! My sister was a young mom and never gave up on school. She worked her way through school and no matter how hard it got she didn’t give up on her dream to become a Nurse. She was determined. I watched her go through nursing school, the long days and the all night studying. On top up raising her teenage daughter. Oh and planning a wedding in the midst of school. Oh did I see her go through it all. Through it all she finished and I think the day my family saw her walk down that aisle with her nursing class was the proudest moment for us all. The smile on her face was amazing! Nurses all around dedicate themselves everyday. I worked in healthcare for 16 years so I saw first hand the dedication of a Nurse. I’ve had my fair share of Hospital stays and the nurses are the ones I will always remember. So for this I truly believe they are real life super heroes! To all the nurses and nursing students I admire your dedication and passion!

Here is my Super hero in costume and in her under cover style, Lol!

I hope you lades had fun reading this as much as I had writing it. I have 3 super ladies in my life, Nicole is one, My Mom is my heart and my other sister is the sister everyone needs! Till next post ladies, Have a great weekend.

“Not All Angels have wings. Some have a stethoscope.”Β 

quote unknown

XO Lisa

Nicole’s outfit!

Jeans and Top from Zara

shoes from Aldo


5 thoughts on “My Super hero

  1. Love your story! Both you ladies look great! I also admired how you and your sister got along and how well both of you did in school on top of all the extracurricular activities you two would do! Keep up the good work πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜˜


  2. Ahh finally got to peak through your blog!!What an awesome dedication to your sister!! I don’t think i could’ve gotten through nursing school and raise a family at the same time but she did!!
    She truly is a super hero!!


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