Bootie season

Hello Ladies! It’s officially fall! I’m so happy. Fall is my absolute favorite season for fashion. My weekend seemed so fast. We are heading out to Disneyland today for Mickey’s Halloween party. So I will have a blog post up on Friday with my first time experience for the night event. So stay tuned!



Today I wanted to talk Fall must haves. I’ll have a few more post on different items and makeup. For today I picked out 3 different outerwear styles you can add to a simple outfit. I also picked 3 different booties that I think can make your fall outfits say, YASSS! The outerwear styles I picked are pretty different. The first one I feel everyone should have is a faux motorcycle jacket. They look so cute with just about anything. Not to mention, I feel so cool when I wear mine. Another trend I’m loving is the trench coat. You just can’t go wrong with having one. They are timeless! I also make sure I have a really cute statement sweater. I love these. They are so cozy. But also look so fashionable. I would style all 3 with a great pair of jeans. A skinny jean, flare, straight, I mean your jean choice is endless. I live in California so it doesn’t get that cold. If I’m wearing a stylish jacket or sweater I always wear a tank underneath. That ladies will make you feel so stylish and comfortable.


For the Booties! I’m a shoe girl. I love shoes. The first pair I picked are flat style booties. These are so cute. I’m already putting these on my next purchase list. This mama has to limit her shoe buying. I would say they are more on the rocker chic style. I would wear these with a dress, some cut off jean short or some flattering jeans. My second pick is ,these cute black booties with a slight heel. They are very similar to the booties I have on in the pic above(so sad they don’t have them anymore). But these are a very good alternative if you like the style. You really can’t go wrong with a black simple booties. You can wear them all fall long! For my last pick I just had to add these. I mean how sexy are these!! I can picture these red sexy booties with a hot pair of jeans, with a black body suit and some red lips, YASSS! I would also wear these with a dress. Tis the season for Booties, LOL!

Well I hope you ladies liked this post, I know some of us Mama’s don’t have much time to shop like we’d like. I want to try to make it a little easier. I hope these help! All items have been linked! Hope you lovelies have a blessed week!

XO Lisa


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