Mickeys Halloween party

Hello Ladies!! I swear these weeks go so fast. So as promised I’m going to share our family day to Disneyland. We are big Disneyland people. I mean, we love it! We did have season passes last year but didn’t renew since I don’t like going during the really hot months. So it had been almost a year since our last visit. I was pretty excited since every year for Breaker, it’s a different experience. That’s what I enjoy the most , my boy’s excitement.

This was our first time attending Mickey’s Halloween party. For those of you that don’t know, this is an evening event during Halloween time. This is not included if you buy a day pass and not included if you have an annual pass. It’s a complete other ticket. I know this event sells out fast. Season pass holders do get first priority on buying these tickets. Another thing before I get into my personal experience, these tickets are not as much as a regular admission and the cool thing is the event starts at 6pm. You can actually go in 3 hours before event. So you get those extra 3 hours to park hop! And the park closes early to regular admission ticket holders so the park is not that crowded.


First the park is totally decorated for Halloween! It’s so cute and festive. It’s a Halloween party so you can dress up, of course Disney has rules on the website. But that was probably my favorite is just looking at everyone’s costumes and seeing how cute the families get into the spirit of it all. The crowd is a mixture. You see a lot of teenagers and young adults but you have your families with little ones as well. The cute thing is you see a lot of the characters around – more than a normal day at Disneyland. They have lines where you can take a picture with the Villains of Disneyland. I mean how cute is that! Some of the rides are Halloween themed. One of our favorites is the Haunted mansion. They turn that into ‘The nightmare before Christmas’ theme and it’s so cute! That one lasts through Christmas time at Disneyland so if you don’t get out there for Halloween you still have a chance to see it for Christmas. They have a few more that they change-up for halloween. But that one is my favorite. Another fun perk, is the Trick or Treating spots. They have them through out the park. They give you a map on where to find them. That was really cool.  Breaker loved that! We literally just did 3 of the spots and we had 2 bags filled of good candy. Oh they do hand out mini bags when you enter the park! One of the best perks of this event was the short ride lines. It was amazing! We got to get on Peter pan in like 2 minutes, LOL! If you’re a regular at Disneyland you know what I’m talking about. That line is always so long! The parade is a Halloween theme with a spectacular fire work show at the end. Besides feeling like a went to a club all night the next day it was such a fun night for my family, LOL! No but seriously, if you haven’t experienced it, I really recommend you do one year to come. It’s very cute and the kids loved it! So did us big kids! I’m going to share a few personal photos below. Breaker wanted to be a donut Chef, his choice. So I made us a little something to go with his costume. Breaker’s donuts on his costume, my ears and daddy’s pin was all made by yours truly. Big brother was supposed to be bashful from snow-white. I even made a hat for him but he changed his mind, TEENAGERS! Hope you ladies liked this post, I hope it helps if you’re heading out to Disneyland for Halloween.

XO Lisa

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