3 month blog and life update

Hello Hermosas! Monday again, LOL! I can’t believe it’s October already, like seriously! It’s also my 3 month Blog update. I have to say, I’m proud of myself. It’s been 3 months and I’m learning so much. Last month I was having a hard time, feeling discouraged. This month I have to say, I did have a week where I had no desire to think of my blog. I was feeling a little blah! This is being completely real but as I get older I find myself getting more emotional when I’m having my monthly lady blessing. I get a little depressed, anxious and not to mention, I feel not so pretty. That literally last about a week. This month I had it really bad. But I’m back to myself and I’m so excited to bring some fun fall looks, fall outings, and just some fun blog post. I decided to add a little more family stuff to my blog because it’s my life and it’s what I love about my life. The fashion is a given because I love me a cute outfit! I am really having fun with my blog. I can’t wait to see what a year will bring me. My goal is to build and grow as a blogger. I’ve connected with some really awesome ladies that help me push myself to do better and not give up. It means so much to me when I see comments from family, friends and ‘new’ friends saying they loved my post. These are the reasons I keep going! Here are a few shots from my photo shoots, which are getting a lot easier!

So a little life update. We survived the first full month of school. Both boys are doing great. My oldest is such a good kid. I mean like every teenager he needs a push in the studying department, but he’s very independent. He just attended his first school dance. That was pretty exciting. I want my son to live life to the fullest, and enjoy school life! My little one geez, Lol! He has his moments at school. I already know when his teachers need to tell me something he’s done. He’s a character let me tell you! I tell Daddy I need to be extra sweet to his teachers because they deal with our lil dude! It’s what keeps me young, dealing with these 2 boys! That’s what life as a mom is. Everyday is something new, everyday is a blessing and everyday I learn more and more how to be a mom! I’m not perfect and it’s not easy but it truly is the best thing in life. Here’s a picture of my oldest and myself before his dance. We we’re laughing at something funny Breaker said! I’m telling you, he’s a character! Hope you ladies liked this post. Have a great week!



XO Lisa

2 thoughts on “3 month blog and life update

  1. Thanks so much for sharing!! Yes so proud of you not giving up!! Happy 3months! Also, I agree the older I am now the monthly issues are not cute/easy tall!! Feel you momma! Your oldest is super handsome & the lil guy is such a doll!
    Keep up the great work!! Good luck & much success!! XO

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