I have nothing to wear!

Hello ladies! I hope you all lovely ladies had a nice week. I know it’s hard to get through weeks when such sad things are happening. I try to stay positive especially with my oldest. I don’t want him to hold back on life because of these awful things. The Hero stories make me cry because we do have good in our World. Sending hugs to you all!

Today I wanted to talk about something all of us have said “I have nothing to wear” ,LOL! I mean you know we’ve all said this. I know I have many times. As I get older I’ve become a smarter shopper. I had my fun in my 20’s and early 30’s buying the cute trendy stuff. Now I lean towards more practical items. But don’t get me wrong I still stay cute, LOL! I usually purchase very basic items. I buy more trendy accessories. I’ll buy the “IT” earrings or Bracelets that are in fashion. A few things I tell myself when I’m shopping is “Can I wear this with different bottoms?”  If I can match the top with jeans, skirt or shorts. I buy it! I also stick to basic colors. I add color with lipstick, earrings, belts or shoes. Another thing you can add for color is a scarf! I mean I live in Los Angeles so that’s not something I do a lot, but believe me when it’s cold I do it.


Some of the basics I like to have in my closet. Always a good pair of jeans a nice blue, a good black and a nice grey. These are my favorite colors to have. For tops I must have a few black options. A short sleeve, long sleeve and sleeveless. Black tops you can always do so much. If you have a last-minute date night, girls night or event. You can match a versatile black top with anything and you will look chic! This top I have on is actually almost 4 years old. And still looks cute and fashionable. So you can’t go wrong with a basic black top. A few other staple colors you should have are white, nude and a light pink. I know some don’t like pinks but it’s so feminine and cute that a very light pink nude is always nice to have.  I think if you stick to some of these basics I promise you won’t say “I have nothing to wear” as much! Because who am I kidding us ladies will always say this! I found 3 tops that I would for sure keep in my closet! Hope this was helpful for us busy moms. Being a mom isn’t easy and we are always thinking about what our kids need. Just trying to make it easier on my stay at home mamas and working mamas out there! Have a great weekend!

XO Lisa

All tops are from Zara. Because one key thing for basics is Quality! So they last longer!

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