4 month blog update

Hi Hermosas! I hope all you lovely ladies are doing well! So anyone on a Candy high, LOL! I took on a challenge with my sister that started this week. So No carbs for 3 weeks. I’m like great no candy for me! But it’s ok I’ll be good for Thanksgiving! I can’t believe Halloween came and went so fast. I’m looking forward to the Holidays to come. We are off to visit my mom up North for Thanksgiving, So I’m pretty excited. I have a few Holiday blog post coming up, So stay tuned! Grab a cup Coffee and read my 4 month update!

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Today I wanted to give you all an update on my Blog adventure. So it’s now 4 months since my first post. Every month I do get discouraged. But the fact that I love doing this, Really helps me get past that feeling. Blogging can be challenging. Trying to keep up with trends and Blog post that will be worth reading. Things like that. I love giving you all great Blogs and useful tips. I would love to hear from you all and let me know if there is anything you would like to know more of or see on my Blog. I decided last month that I would really focus more on mommy blogging. Because it’s what I am and what is most important to me. Of course giving you some cute styles for the busy mom and ideas for kids fashion. Something I have to keep telling myself is not to compare myself to others and not to be so hard on myself. I feel like it was making me really sad. The hubby is so proud of what I’m doing even though this is not a job where I get paid. At least not yet but it’s my goal! He never makes me feel like my blogging isn’t important. He’s been my biggest supporter. I’m very thankful. With that I’m going to keep on moving and blogging! It’s been a fun and hard 4 months. But worth it!

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I thought it would be fun to give you 10 random facts about me, to get to know me better!

  1. I’m 38 years old and proud of it
  2. Born and raised in Los Angeles
  3. I’m the middle child
  4. I’m Mexican/American
  5. Favorite food Mexican (go figure)
  6. Favorite weekend getaway Palm Springs and Vegas(couldn’t pick one)
  7. Raised with all girls, Now I’m raising all boys
  8. I love to dance
  9. I went to catholic school all my life
  10. I’m pretty funny


Hope you lovelies enjoyed this post and come back every Wednesday for new post!

XO Lisa

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