My Pregnancy Story

Hello Ladies! Hope you all are doing well. Today’s post I’m taking you back a little. I’ve been wanting to share my “not so easy” pregnancy story. And figured I would wait until the week of Breaker’s 4th Birthday. So yes I’m taking you back a little over 4 years ago. I promise it won’t be long, Lol!

With my first-born I was 25 so my pregnancy for him was pretty smooth. Life happens and sometimes things go in other directions. I was a single Mom for a while and with all that I was taking on. Deep down I always knew I wanted another baby. I didn’t want David my older son to be an only child. I love my siblings and I wanted to give him that love. Sparks flew and I met my guy. I knew he would be my baby daddy, Lol! After 3 years of dating I found out I was pregnant. I was scared, happy so many emotions. I told him the news once I gathered my feelings. I knew I was most likely about 6 weeks but I was also spotting. So I call my Dr and he saw me right away and sent me to get blood work. I can’t say enough nice things about my Dr he was amazing. I had to get blood work every 2 days because he wanted to make sure my HCG levels were going up. That already was nerve wrecking. I was terrified. In the midst of this we were moving into our new place. The only upside is Dr didn’t want me lifting anything so I was able to watch the packing and unpacking. So I’m 7 going on 8 weeks and It’s Easter morning our first morning in our new place. We are at Home depot and I had to walk out because I couldn’t even stand I panicked. We drove home and I laid down for a bit. But I knew something was wrong. We rush to ER and it’s the waiting game because they aren’t sure what’s going on. I had like 3 ultrasounds and no one is telling me anything. Finally they come in and say they think I have an appendicitis. I freaked out! They admitted me and at this point I just want to sleep. Next morning it’s Monday so a full team was there. I had to get an MRI because they wanted to get a better look. At that time I was an employee there so I got excellent service. After the MRI My Dr comes in and tells me, first he gave me good news that my HCG levels were going up just fine. So that made me happy. But the bad news is they found a cyst in my left Ovary. Pretty much I had to stay in the hospital another night just to monitor. After getting home I was off of work for a week.

So now what. We go in to see my Dr and he tells me the bad news. I have to get the cyst removed. Because of the risk so early on my pregnancy, we had to wait until I was 17 weeks to have the surgery. I’m hearing this, I’m understanding it all but for some reason I was numb to it all. I go on with my life. A few weeks in between surgery date I had a lot of pain so I would be put on bed rest right away. The thing was the cyst was growing so  it would interfere with the babies growth, So that’s why surgery was a must.

So it’s surgery day. I can’t even tell you what was going on in my mind. I was just so happy to be pregnant. I already knew baby was a boy, I was in love. Imagine being told complications can arise and I could go into labor or cyst would be so bad that I would have to get ovaries removed. All of this was being told to me and again My mind was numb. I had faith that this baby would be just fine. Surgery is done I’m in recovery. All I remember is Dr over my bed saying everything went well, I’ll send the nurse to check for babies heart beat. When that Beautiful angel of a nurse came over to me and said Dr. C sent me now lets hear that heart beat. I didn’t even care the pain I was in I wanted to hear that heart beat. The minute I heard that beautiful sound I was so relieved. It was the best sound. I wish I could have bottled it up and saved it forever. I was in the hospital for a few days, recovery was tough being that I was cut open and my belly was still growing. I walked really slow for a very long time. So after that I took care of myself you better believe I acted like my belly was glass. Cyst ended up being as big as an orange and Dr saved my ovaries, he just had to pull out my left fallopian tube. I can live with that.


4 years later our little Breaker has been our Angel. He has the best big brother and the love they have is what makes me happy. The bond I have with this little boy is so precious. He’s my little rock. To end this post I just want to say I believe the faith I had and the amount of love I had for this unborn child helped me get through this. The numb feeling I had been having was me keeping my faith and staying positive.  To all the soon to be Mamas Enjoy your pregnancy to the fullest! Pregnancy is a blessing, A child is a miracle. Till next post lovelies.


XO Lisa


2 thoughts on “My Pregnancy Story

  1. Loved reading you’re pregnancy journey! Appreciate you sharing something so intimate and special!

    Being a mother truly is a blessing. And, children are an amazing proof of what love can conquer!

    Many blessings to your and your beautiful family!! I enjoy seeing the little charming man in your IG photos!



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