Winter pink:6 month blog update

Happy New Year Ladies! Wow 2018, I seriously can’t believe it. 2017, seriously went so fast. It really got me thinking,  I need to be more in the moment. Which brings me to today’s post. First, I wanted to share a cute simple winterish outfit. Here in LA we don’t see much winter but it gets chilly for a cute statement coat, sweater etc. But I also wanted to give an update for my blog which I’ve done every month since I started. This month happens to be half a year already. I also wanted to share my New Year Goals.


So if you live in LA, you know we don’t see much Winter. But I’m such an outerwear fan. I love coats, chunky sweaters and cute jackets. This outfit is perfect for a chillier day out in LA, hence the open toe shoes. So if you live where you actually get winter you can totally rock some cute booties with this outfit too. My faux fur bomber is from forever 21. I love it. Such a cozy jacket. My jeans seriously, I pretty much wear them in all my post, LOL! I’m so picky with jeans. I can’t wear anything uncomfortable. These are the most comfiest jeans ever. They are from Zara. My tank is from Target. I have so many colors. They are perfect for under sweaters and jackets. I’ll be for sure wearing them in the warmer days just like that with some shorts and skirts. The quality in this tank is really good and only $8. My shoes are older from Aldo. A staple every lady should own. A simple nude and black strap heel.

Now on to my blog update. I can’t believe it’s already been 6 months. I’m so proud of myself. If you’ve kept up with my monthly update you know it hasn’t been easy. But I’m so happy I’ve made it this far. I’m having fun posting for you ladies. I’m keeping it up and I already have up to March planned out. My goal for my blog is to continue to grow and eventually land collaborations with great companies. I’m also going to be adding more looks on my Instagram. Posting multiple looks on Instagram can get difficult. I’m pretty busy during the week with the kids and I don’t always have someone to take my pictures on random days. But my goal is to add more looks. I promise ladies, I will be sharing some good content. So stick with me.

Lastly, I wanted to share a few Goals I have for the New year. I won’t be sharing my personal vision board. But I’m doing something fun with the hubby. We are making a couple’s vision board on things we would like from each other throughout the year. And will be sharing that on my blog post for January 17 so stay tuned, It should be a funny one. The first and most important is to be more in the moment with life. These years are flying by. My goal is to slow down. I’m always rushing on the daily. I’m sure you Mamas know this. So I’m going to be more prepared for the days so I’m not rushing. Another goal  is for my health. I hate the word Diet. But after you pass 35, I feel like you have to really watch what you eat. I’ve always been pretty good with not passing a certain weight. But this year, I want to feel healthy and look better for myself. Eating healthy and exercising doesn’t just make you look good, it helps with your mind and energy. And that is why eating healthy and exercising on the regular is a goal. My last goal I’ll share is to take more mini family vacations. We want to take a big vacation soon but it most likely won’t be this year. So this year, I want to do as many mini ones that our budget allows. Be a little more spontaneous is the Goal.

Well that’s it, my first Post of 2018. I hope you ladies enjoyed reading and I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for me and my family. Till next post.


XO Lisa

jeans- similar 


6 thoughts on “Winter pink:6 month blog update

  1. You have such a great blog. I loved this post. I need to slow down and enjoy the little things too! Its so hard sometimes, but it’s one of the things on my vision board too! Keep up the good work!!! Your style is impeccable!


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