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Hello Ladies! Hope you all are having a great week. So how’s 2018 treating you all so far? This year I’m so pumped to do more family activities. My boys will be my priority, as always. Sometimes Mom life gets the best of all of us. Just remember no mom is alone and we are all going through something different with our kids. Stay strong and don’t hold back to tell a friend. I love my friends that I can reach out to when I’m feeling a little lost as a Mom.  Love you gals!

For this weeks post I’m sharing some of my everyday products with you. I think all mom’s can relate Shower time can be the only alone time we get. So I just love shower time. I guess you can say these products are my Holy grails.

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First item is my body cream from Nivea. This is a must right after shower. I’ve used so many different lotions and this one is just by far my favorite. I’m not a fan of scented creams and this lotion smells so fresh and clean. I have really dry skin so this lotion has been a life saver for my skin. Not to mention, if you are going out showing some leg this lotion leaves you such a beautiful glow.

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Second item is my face cream. My day cream after shower is CeraVe because of the SPF in it. I’ve been using this cream for about a year now and I love it. Also recommended by most skin cancer Dr’s. It does not leave my face feeling greasy and does well under my makeup. My night cream would be Tatcha water cream. Check out my blog post on my review for the ever so popular cream.

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Third item is my leave in conditioner for my hair, by It’s a 10. I can’t say enough about this spray. I have been using this product for well over 6 years. I can’t go without this spray on hair washing days. I spray a little all over damp hair. I have noticed a big difference in my hair if I don’t use it. Highly recommended!

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Fourth item I added these 2 I have to put chap stick on every morning and night. It’s a must. I’ve tried many different ones and I’ve been so pleased with the formula of the Burts Bees medicated chap stick. I also included this cream I received from my Allure monthly Beauty box, Highly recommend this box. I’ve been so pleased with the products. I’ve been using this cream for a month from Tula advanced neck cream. So far so good. I will most likely purchase a bottle after this is empty.

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Fifth item would be my face spray, by Mario Badescu. This is my favorite for hydration on my face. After my hair is done and I’ve completed all other steps I spray this amazing rose-water spray on my face. It feels like my face is getting a drink of water before bed and before makeup application. Highly highly recommend.

Hope you ladies enjoyed reading this post of my HOLY GRAIL products. Have a wonderful rest of the week beauties. Till next post.

XO Lisa

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