Couple Goals

Hello beauties! Hope you all are having a great week so far! So who else is slowly getting into their fitness goals?! It’s been a struggle the last couple of days to stay on track. Sometimes Motherhood is exhausting, I don’t even want to work out. I’ve been pushing myself everyday to do a workout. Even if it’s just 10 minutes. I’ve been obsessed with The fitness Marshall on YouTube. It’s basically 3-4 minute dance workouts. Take a look and try them out! I’m also super excited, I have some fun blog post coming up. Cute outfit inspo for Valentine’s Day, some cute spring looks and more. I’m also going to have a fun pizza recipe that takes 30 minutes to prep and bake. The kids love it! So please if you’re not already subscribed please do so! And thank you for stopping over on Stylesencillo.

So let’s get started, LOL! My little one says this all the time. Today’s post is pretty much a vision of what the hubby and I would love our year to be like as a couple. Sometimes with life, work, kids our relationship gets put on the back burner. And that can create some tension. For the most part we are pretty good together handling everything around the house and with the kids. I do stay home for my kids. I’m very fortunate, that I can do so. He is at work full-time Monday through Friday. Most of our free time is to be as a family. And that is one thing that is very important. But after 4 years ( since Breakers birth) I’m ready to re-kindle our relationship. We did vision boards on what our goals are  for a healthy year as a couple.

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My vision of a healthy year together would be to communicate. Which I found a phrase that said “Be completely honest about your desires” I think this is truly important. We as parents are so exhausted. I think being honest about needing a Break or even some sexy time. It’s ok to say it, I have a problem where I feel he can read my mind. I need to be better at expressing myself for what my needs are. Another phrase I liked was MOVE FORWARD, focus on what’s ahead not what’s behind us. I would also like more PASSION. He might kill me for saying this, LOL. But I love kissing and touching before sexy time and he has a joke that he tells me about that. He knows what it is. But I would love more passion. It never gets old. I would also like more Date nights. I love to hear music and Dance. He loves music it’s one of the things we love together. So for sure more date nights. My last one I will talk about is the phrase HIT REFRESH, and I’ll admit I don’t think he gets that much of this one. I’ve made it a point to go shopping alone, nails done, or whatever I have planned for me. I think time apart alone is also good. We all need to Refresh. He is already so good about this one, He encourages me to get out and enjoy me time. So this year I hope he does it also. It really does help. Sharing a little without giving all my dirty laundry out, LOL! So to conclude I would love for us to communicate honestly about needs, add some spice to life, plan more date nights and refresh! Parenting is hard and most important thing to good parenting is making sure Mom and Dad are in it together. Love you Babe! XO

His Vision Board was a little more Rated R, LOL! But we both have the same goal. Number one is to spend more time together alone. It’s difficult with kids, but it’s what we will work on. So hopefully more date nights this year. Hope you all enjoyed this short and personal post. Till next post!

Processed With Darkroom
Processed With Darkroom

XO Lisa


2 thoughts on “Couple Goals

  1. Thank you for sharing!! Yes!! Love the idea of a couples vision board! It helps keep you focused on your goals! What really matters not the petty stuff. I agree Date nights and alone time are so important and with the little ones they need to be planned. But very important to keep the communication going!! Love the reminders & maybe I’ll have my hubby do a board with me!


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