Plaid craze, still going?

Hello My beauties! Hope you all are doing well this week. LA is finally feeling a little chilly. I myself love a chill in the air with sunny skies. That is my favorite kind of weather. So January came and went, LOL! I mean really it’s almost over. Next month is also a short month so I’m sure that’s going to fly. My oldest son turns 14 in February, crying face emoji! He’s my care bear, he’s such a loving kid.

So who remembers E fashion police? Seriously my favorite show on E with the late Joan Rivers. One of my favorite segments they would do was “Gotta have it!,Make it stop!” I lived for this. So today my post is on this fashion craze, PLAID! It’s pretty popular right now and you see it on bottoms, tops, blazers, hats and shoes. So the question is do you think I’m like “Gotta have it!” or “Make it stop!”.

I’m for sure “Gotta have it!”. I think plaid is one of those patterns like Leopard and Houndstooth. They really never go out of style. It can be used as a neutral. I remember growing up my mom had a houndstooth blazer and beret, I loved when she would wear them. I think these patterns are so chic.


I styled my plaid a little more edgy. I was feeling a little street chic that day. I bought these plaid pants at Target, I was a little sad that the blazer to match was sold out everywhere. I thought it would be fun to have the matching set. I wanted to show a little skin, so I went with a crop top. And of course to make this style more street chic. I added my favorite motorcycle jacket. I’ve said in my New year Goals post that I want to step outside of my comfort zone with style. I remember in my late 20’s I lived to be different at the club, LOL! If dresses were the way to go to the club, I would wear pants. Fashion should be fun! What’s funny is before when My sis and I would be going out and if we planned our outfit, Sometimes that outfit wouldn’t end up being my favorite. It was when we spontaneously decided to go out and we put together a fun fast outfit. I would get more compliments on that rather than my planned out outfit. What I’m trying to say is have fun and don’t plan an outfit so much. Fashion is not so serious.

Hope you ladies enjoyed this post! I hope you all have a great rest of the week. Till next post.

XO Lisa

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