10 month blog update/life update

Hello my beautiful ladies! Today I wanted to give you all a blog update and life update. If you’re new to my blog. Every month I’ve written a blog update. I wanted to have my first year in blogging documented not only for myself to go back and see my growth, but for others that are thinking about starting a blog.

So today is exactly 10 months since my first post. I still get butterflies when I hit the post button. No matter what or how long I do this. I think I’ll always feel a little nervous posting. With the worry of will people read, will people like the post, will people think I’m lame, LOL! You know all the worries I shouldn’t have. As my blogging journey continues, I’m learning so much and loving every minute of it.  Blogging has helped me step out of my mom routine to use my creative side and talk about things I love. I try to stay as true to myself in all my blog post and my instagram post. It hasn’t been easy, I honestly commend all the bloggers that have been in the game for years. I have learned the most important rule of blogging is consistency. Don’t give up keep posting content. Don’t post just to post. Make sure you post something worth reading and looking at. I don’t have time to waste and I don’t think my readers do to. So when I’m getting ready to post I really put my heart in all post. They honestly come from my true self. When I’m writing I put myself in a space talking to my good friends.

What to expect from my blog. I plan to bring more Family life to my Blog. Because that’s my life. I found myself getting a little stressed and giving myself anxiety just trying to think of what fashion post to put up or what’s the news styles we all need to have. I mean don’t get me wrong , I will still post about fashion and the coolest styles. But I will add more family moments and family talk to my blog. I can’t wait and Believe me it won’t be boring. I really hope you all follow along my blogging journey because I’m not stopping anytime soon!


Life update! Well I’ve been experiencing a lot of anxiety lately. I haven’t felt like this in a really long time. It’s getting better. I work out twice a day just to relieve the anxiety. I haven’t pin pointed the cause. But it will get better. I have to keep telling myself to slow down and breathe. I think Mom life can get a little overwhelming for all. If you experience anxiety just slow down and really focus on you. I really feel exercising helps.

On a brighter note. I have something super exciting coming later this year. And let me tell you after summer break with the kiddos home and back to school madness. This upcoming adventure will be so needed. I will be attending my lovely cousins wedding in Punta Cana. My kids and hubby will not be going. SO that’s major for me. I haven’t left my breaker ever. So when i decided to go I had so many thoughts in my head. You know the mom guilt. But I really am so happy to be going for my cousin. I get to enjoy some R&R with my family. My mom included, I’m so excited. And believe me follow me on instagram because I will for sure be posting there. I’ll be posting a packing guide for the blog right before. It will be destination wedding packing. And I’ll be posting a recap of my vacay after. So please stay tuned to what I have in store for Stylesencillo.com.

I love all of you that take the time to read my post. And appreciate the sweet comments. Thank you thank you. Means the world to me. Till next post.

XO Lisa


6 thoughts on “10 month blog update/life update

  1. Lisa! Congrats on 10 months going strong! I so happy that blogging connected us and I truly enjoy every post you do. You definitely have what it takes to do this for the long run! This July will my 3rd year, I’m still learning new things constantly so just keep on your path! I can wait to see what you write about next! You have an authentic touch and that means everything in this space! Hugs! ~ Marisa


  2. Keep it up. I love that you’re including family. As a mother it’s good to hear that you’re not the only mother going crazy with your children and everything that comes with it. I suffered from fear a couple weeks back and not sure how anxiety feels but let me tell you fear is not great either. Thank you for sharing with all of us your life. Keep strong! Si se puede!


  3. Great blog post!! 10 months have flown by can’t believe it!! Keep it up don’t ever give up!! We need to spend some time together so we can hash out those feelings of anxiety I’ve been feeling that way too!! xoxo ❤️


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