Meet my Family!

Hello beauties! Hope you all are doing well! And I hope all the Mamas out there had a very special Mother’s Day. I’ve been feeling a little torn these last weeks. I want to bring you all great content and sometimes life needs a little more attention so my mind gets a creative block. I want to start bringing you all more personal content. I really like sharing new styles and new beauty finds. But these are not always my priority. I want to share more mom life. I love to hear other Mom’s stories. I learn and feel not so alone when I read or hear other mom’s talk. Like I said before I write as if I’m talking to my best gal friends. I’m hoping you all follow along.


So today I thought it was time to formally introduce you to my family. I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while. And thought this was perfect timing. We are a family of 4. I’d like to say a cool Modern family.


First I’d like to introduce you to my fiancé Carlos. I know when I talk about him I say Hubby. Because in my eyes he’s my hubby. We just haven’t yet walked down the aisle .But we’ve walked over the threshold. We will one day walk the down the aisle. Right now we are enjoying life. We met about 9 years ago. He was a really good friend before we got together. From Day one he’s made me laugh. We have so much in common , but at the same time so different so it makes it so fun. I’m pretty sure I drive him crazy. But he also drives me crazy. Never a dull moment with us. He’s been such a great step-daddy to David. And the love Breaker and him have is so beautiful to see. He is such a great daddy to Breaker. I know in my heart I was supposed to meet him when I did. He truly is my soul-mate.


Now I would like to introduce my kids. David is my oldest he’s 14. David has taught me how to be a mom. David is such a kind soul. His heart is so genuine and I love calling him my son. He’s in 8th grade about to be in high school. I can’t believe how fast it has gone. He’s more shy so that’s why he’s not in so many pictures. But he’s with us. David truly is a great son and brother. Breaker is my second baby. He’s 4 and you all are more familiar with him since he’s my fashion side kick. Breaker is our little sunshine. There was a point in my life that I didn’t think I would have another child. I Thank God for him everyday. He’s the crazy in our house. He’s the one that keeps us all on our toes. Big brother has a lot of patience with him. Being they are 10 years apart they still do have a cute relationship. I feel so good that Breaker has David as a big brother to look up to. These 2 boys are my everything. I live for them.


My family is so special to me and I love every minute with them. I love being a mom and love sharing memories with Carlos. They have all taught me how to be myself. I can be silly with Carlos, I can be that annoying mom to my David and my buddy Breaker is my mini me. Being the only girl in the house has its plus. I mean I don’t have to share my shoes, LOL! Would we like to expand our family of course. Will we, Only God knows. But for now I love my perfect little family.

Hope you all enjoyed meeting my boys! Till next post.

XO  Lisa


2 thoughts on “Meet my Family!

  1. Loved it!!! You have such a beautiful family Lisa, and I’m so glad you are sharing more personal stories, because I feel like I’m talking with my close friend when I read your page and I love that!!! I love your story! My daughter is the same age as David and also has a step dad who is amazing, so i can totally relate with your thoughts on everything happen right when its suppose to! And Breaker… Cutest name and kid ever!! I loved it all! hugs amiga!


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