Planning a Kids party

Hello Ladies! How are you all doing?! This LA weather is crazy! It’s pretty much kept us in the house. Glad its cooling off a little. I can’t believe the kids have already been home for a month. It’s going so fast. School starts in August, So now I have to start school shopping. I will be doing a blog post of all the cool back to school deals.

Today’s post I wanted to share a few things I like to do when I’m planning my kids parties. Breakers 5th birthday is coming up in November. To some that might seem like lots of time ,but I like to start early. I’ll be sharing a few of my favorites to use and just some checklist I like to check off before shopping for items. The pictures I’m sharing are from some of Davids parties and Breakers that I planned myself. Most of the items made by myself or family members.


If your child is old enough I’m pretty sure the theme will be their choice! But I’ve always picked my kids themes up until 5 years old. I love this part. Picking a theme is so fun.


First most important is figuring out what location you will use. Once you figure out location it will be easier to write your party list. Whether it’s at a park, indoor place or home. You need rentals etc. So it’s always important to find location first. If I’m having a lot of people I go with a park it’s just so much easier.


Second would be planning the menu. Food is important for parties. Lets get real people come to parties to eat, LOL! So the food has to be a big part. Unless you are having a smaller gathering like cake and ice cream. I always try to find a menu that’s kid friendly. I mean it’s a kids party. And most of the time I try to have food the birthday kid likes. I will make sure to have snacks for the little ones. For example for Breakers 1st birthday he obviously wasn’t eating big meals yet. So I made these little baskets with baby friendly snacks. I thought they were perfect for a park party. Pizza is always a good one and easy. Adults and kids love it.

Rentals I always call a few local spots in my area to get the best deal. I look on yelp and also read reviews. Very important to get one that has good reviews. I always have rentals dropped off early if they can do it the night before if at your house even better. But earlier the better so you can be prepared.

IMG_9943Processed With DarkroomIMG_9944IMG_9945

Cake time. Now you have so many choices. If you have a favorite that’s great. But if you’re new to ordering just do research. We have so much at our fingertips now that looking for vendors is so much easier. I usually go to the same bakery for my kids cakes. They have delicious cakes and they are a family favorite. I’ve also gone with Donuts. My kids love donuts. I’ve done a donut name for David, this one was from California Donuts. They are awesome. I usually go simple with the cake design, because I’ll add a topper myself.  I’ve been using Auntieapple for most of my cake topper now. She does sugar cookies and can make cake toppers out of sugar cookies. I love her work she’s amazing. Her work is awesome. If you are in the LA Area.


Treat tables! So this is one of the funnest. I love a good treats table. I’ve done the Candy table thing, I’ve done popcorn bar and just a yummy dessert table. So many options for this. Just have fun with it because it becomes the main attraction. The minecraft and robot cake in these pictures I made myself.

Some of my party inspo places I like to look up are Karas Party ideas and Pinterest. These are probably the two I go to the most when planning. I usually make a board on pinterest and just pin away.

Ladies just have fun with the planning. Don’t stress, start early and make a list and check it off! Happy planning ladies. Hope you liked this post. Till next post.

XO Lisa








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