What I pack for a Pool trip!

Hello Ladies! Hope you all are great! I’m doing good. Enjoying summer and sleeping in a bit. I usually get up after the hubby leaves to work, But I’m not depriving my body if I feel like sleeping in. Once school starts it’s busy busy. The kids and I have been enjoying some chill days. Breaker is getting so big I feel both boys are growing like weeds right now. I’m truly enjoying them. Just when it’s errand day we bump heads, LOL! I’m super fast and like to get things done. My boys are like taking their time in slow motion! One more month of them being home, So we are trying to fit in some fun days.

So since we are off to Palm springs next week! I’m sharing what I always pack when I know we will be in the pool. I’ll be sharing where we stayed and some pics next week once we are back. So stay tuned.

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When we are taking a road trip I always pack my first aid kit. Believe me it’s always used for one of us. One of us always gets a cut, tummy ache etc.  When I know we will be hanging by the pool most of the trip, These are the most important that I pack. Especially with little ones. I purchased this cute first Aid bag from Target Oh joy.


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So what’s in my bag? Always band aids, regular and water proof. Breaker hates bandaids so I always get a character I know he won’t mind having on his body. Neosporin spray and ointment is a must. I always have children’s Tylenol. Vapor rub is also important. More so when we take road trips to Vegas. With all the smoke in the hotels Breaker always gets congested. For mommy and Daddy I always pack Alka seltzer and Advil. These few items just make me feel better when road tripping.

Some other things I pack are wet wipes for hands, Towels and don’t forget the sunscreen. With Breaker being little still and his skin is more sensitive. I always pack him his own towel for the pool. For the simple fact that the hotel towels are rough and I don’t know what kind of soap they use. Another thing I always make sure to take when road tripping is lots of water. Buying water at hotels is just crazy expensive. I love road trips they are fun and I like the time we all spend together. I look forward to them. Something so cozy about us all in the car looking forward to fun family time.

Hope this was helpful! Till next post.

XO Lisa

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