24 hours in Palm springs

Hello Friends! So We just got back from literally 24 hours in Palm Springs. The kids are back to school very soon. David starts high school August 13 and Breaker goes back to pre-school August 22. So we are trying to fit in as much fun before school. Daddy can’t get too much time off he’s super busy. So we squeezed in a quick trip to Palm Springs.


We left early Monday morning. The drive was smooth. I love the drive to Palm Springs. We pretty much had 2 things planned. First stop at Cabazon Dinosaurs and hit the pool. I’ve been going to Palm springs for 20 plus years. It’s one of my favorite spots. Especially the quick drive from LA. Driving there as a younger girl I knew once you see the Big dinosaurs we were very close. We’ve stopped a lot at those big old Dinosaurs to take pics. But never had I gone into the museum. We knew we wanted to stop and take the boys in. So Glad we did. It was super cute. Breaker said “Jurassic World was amazing” that right there was worth it. They do charge to get in. It was $13 for adults (13 plus) and kids $11. It’s small but very cute. The best was climbing up to the top inside the T-rex. We all enjoyed it. Highly recommend if you take a drive passed it.


Our next stop was FOOD, lol! The hubby and I love to try new things and we love looking on Yelp to see what’s the best place to eat. Especially when we are in another city. I love Breakfast , It’s my favorite. So I knew since we were heading out so early it would be Breakfast. We ended up at Elmers. It was super close to our hotel. They are known for their German Pancakes. Thumbs up for sure. We all shared one, It’s super huge. The breakfast selection was nice. Hubby and I had Eggs, bacon, hash browns and a fresh biscuit. The boys picked lunch and they were both happy. I’d say try it if you are in the area and definitely try the German pancake.

DSCN0177IMG_0248Processed With Darkroom

Now its check in time. I requested an early check in since we were only there for one night. We wanted to get the most of the pool. I’ve stayed at a few places in Palm springs. So I wanted to try something different. We stayed at The Saguaro. I picked this one because I loved the look of the hotel. The colors just won me over. The room was descent for us 4 , we got double beds. We changed up fast and headed out to the pool. It was pretty hot that even the water was warm. Breaker and David just love being in the pool. We hung out for a bit. It was way too hot. I just heard it was breaker record heat that day, WOWZERS! The pool overall was nice. They have a restaurant there in the hotel called EL Jefe it was tasty. We had some yummy nachos. We relaxed in the room and headed out for a night swim. I love palm springs at night it’s the best. Nice family time for us four. Overall we were happy with our stay. I’d say not so much a kid hotel ,but there were families. The hotel is nice but can use some better grounds keeping. Besides that it was a pretty chill Hotel. If you haven’t been to palm springs and are planning a future trip with kids. I recommend The Omni rancho las palmas in Rancho mirage. They have pool slides and a lazy river. David loves that one.

Hope this post got you to want a trip to Palm springs! Till next post.

XO Lisa

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