My Punta Cana trip

Hello Ladies!!! It feels like forever since I’ve been here. I hope you all are doing well. I’m great, Back home with my boys. I’m exhausted but I feel refreshed. I wanted to share some highlights from my trip and also some tips that might be helpful if you are headed there or plan to go one day.


So first my tips! Travel light! I took way too many clothes and I even had a carry on only. The less clothes the better. I did take 3 swimsuits that were very similar style to avoid crazy tan lines and that was perfect. The humidity is intense so they don’t always dry fast. On the subject of humidity! Don’t plan on a nice hair style unless you have hair that doesn’t frizz. I’d say if you have long enough hair wear braids or pin it up. I have short hair and wavy so it was a lost cause, LOL! I hadn’t sported my natural hair in years. But hey it wasn’t worth trying to straighten. Try as many excursions as you can it makes your trip so worth it. And last but not least enjoy yourself.


The trip was to attend my cousin’s wedding and that was so beautiful. We all stayed at Dreams resort and Spa. The awesome thing was having family on this trip we had such a good time. I will cherish this trip forever. I had never been on a trip like this with my mom. So that was a real treat. To be somewhere beautiful and to see family around just made it so much better. I couldn’t help but to miss my boys so much. But I needed this getaway.



One of the funnest things we did was take a party boat. The entire wedding squad was on the boat. We danced, snorkeled, drank and drank! It was a good time! My granny even enjoyed herself. She was such a good sport and wanted to try everything. By my face you can tell I liked snorkeling, LOL! It was a little too much for me. But I tried. Good times!


I’d say this was the funnest club I have ever been to. My sister and brother in-law attended COCO BONGO show and disco. It was such a good time I can’t even explain how fun it was. All I have to say it’s an experience you must have in order to know what I’m talking about. I’m so glad we went. Even though we had 3 hours to sleep before our long flight home, LOL! So worth it. They have one in Punta Cana and Cancun. So if you visit either place I highly recommend you go!


Well that’s it I’m so happy to have these memories and so happy to be home safe with my boys! Hope you enjoyed this post, Till next post.

XO  Lisa

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