My go to Banana Bread recipe

Hello Ladies!!! Happy Halloween! I hope you all are doing well and I hope all my mamas out there survived the rush of getting the kiddos ready for Halloween. I’m so glad I got Breaker’s costume ready before I even left on my trip. Because I know from experience with my oldest that the week of Halloween always seems so busy. My oldest son was simple this year so it was just about ordering and buying a hat. I’m so glad he still likes to dress up. And we all know once Halloween is over its crunch time for Christmas. I feel like Thanksgiving is a middle child, LOL! We love it but tend to not give it as much attention as Halloween and Christmas. Can you tell I’m the middle child, LOL!

With Holidays on our mind and the weather in LA getting cooler, I bet we are all looking for our baking recipes. I love to Bake but really have to be in the mood. I do love to bake for others as gifts or just a special treat for the holiday season. I did share my favorite chocolate chip recipe last year, Here it is! And I’ve shared my pizza recipe, Here too! Both of those are favorites in my house and with family. So hopefully you try them!

Side note most of my recipes I share I have found on Pinterest, I love pinterest so much. It’s pretty much my favorite thing to go on. This next recipe I will share is from pinterest. I’ll share original link as well.

Banana Bread is probably one of my favorites. And I think we all have had those ripe bananas sitting around that we won’t eat just like that! I’ve been making this particular recipe for 5 years now and still love it. It’s super simple and delicious. The kids love it too. I’ve hand written the recipe here for you but I will also link the original post that I actually follow. Being a blogger I would hope someone would give me the credit if it was one of mine.


What I love to do for treats for friends, neighbors or co-workers is get a cute piece of material and wrap with a string just so it looks cuter when you hand it out. You can even use tissue paper or put it in a treat bag with some ribbon. It makes it more fun to receive.

Hope you all liked this post. And hope you all bake some Banana bread! Till next post!

XO  Lisa

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