Family traditions!

Hello my favorite people! Hope you all are doing well! I’m really trying to get it together for Christmas. It’s going to be my first time hosting Christmas eve with my in-laws at our house. So today I thought it would be fun to talk family traditions.

I love to hear from others on what special traditions they have. Every family is so unique yet we are all the same just enjoying family and tradition.

Growing up it was pretty fun. I have a lot of cousins around my age. So we had tons of fun. We would all get together at my Aunts house and it was just a big fun gathering. Of course as we get older and we all have our kids and new families things change. But one thing we stay close and make time when we can for everyone.

One of the funnest traditions we still do and I try to attend. Is tamale night. With such a big family we’ve always made tamales a few days ahead of Christmas eve. So we get together, and get it done. I remember these nights and will always remember them. We are very lucky to have my Grandparents with us still to share these traditions with us.

Now that I’m a mom I try to make new traditions for my family. I want my boys to remember them and share them with their families one day. One thing we started was the elf on the shelf. Breaker loves it and hates it, LOL! But we enjoy leaving treats or not leaving treats if they are naughty. Another tradition we actually started this year was a Gingerbread house contest. That was fun with my sisters, my mom and the kids. I think we need to step it up for next year! So sister’s I’m ready and already making plans!

Christmas and traditions don’t have to be what we grew up on, I like to change it up a little bit. The one thing I’m hoping for next year is My mom being home. She’s been living up North for 6 years now and has missed Christmas a few times. This year being one. I hate knowing she won’t be here with us. So I will pray that next year she will be back living in LA with us!

What’s your favorite family tradition?! Hope you enjoyed this post! Till next post!

XO Lisa

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