Organizing toys

Hello Beauties! Hope you all are doing well. I’m doing really good. I’m proud that I’m keeping up with all my vision board promises so far. Eating better and working out. I will have a more in-depth Blog post about the sweat app I’m working out with. If you all don’t know what it is follow @sweat on instagram to get a better look at it. Also if you don’t already follow me on instagram give me a follow @stylesencillo and if you click the link on my bio right now the sweat app is only $1, Normally it’s $20. Check it out.

Ok so for today I wanted to share what I did to hide some of my little ones toys! I’m sure all us mamas out there are swimming in new toys from Christmas. Especially if you are like my house. My living room is also the play room, insert eye roll emoji! My house is not big but we love the coziness of it. We also have to live so I try to find ways to keep it nice and tidy. Speaking about keeping things tidy if you want some great organizing tips you have to watch, Tidying up with Marie Kondo on Netflix. Let me tell you I’ve never been happier with my drawers! Watch it and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


For toys, Especially when you have to keep them in your living room like I do. Baskets Baskets and more Baskets. You can’t beat these. They look cute and it’s easy for the little ones to get the toys out and easy to teach clean up. I’m big on teaching my kids to pick up after themselves. My older son is 15 and let me  just say you will never see dirty clothes on his floor, I taught him early to always place dirty laundry in his hamper. So same with toys. I purchased these baskets at Home goods, I mean who doesn’t love Home goods. They have so many different ones and at great prices. They look cute in my living room and Breakers happy he has his toys accessible to him. So we all win!


For the small dresser I purchased this from Ikea and it was just a wood color with ugly knobs. I removed the knobs painted it a color that I wanted as an accent color in my living room. I still haven’t committed to knobs, LOL! But I’m going to look for some soon. This was the best $40 I’ve spent, And that’s the price with dresser and paint. I have some more Toys organized in here as well. I mostly put his hot wheel tracks and train tracks in here. Keeps it so neat and easy for him to get them out himself when he feels like building a city. And looks cute near my couch!

Well that’s how I hide his toys and keep my sanity. And keeps my living room looking nice. Hope you all liked this post and happy organizing!

XO  Lisa

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