How I make basics look trendy

Hello Ladies! Hope you all are doing well. The rain finally stopped in LA for now. And we are taking full advantage of that. I’m really looking forward to spring time. Just not the allergies we all get, LOL! I’m also pumped for summer this year, I can’t wait to have some summer fun.

Today I wanted to share some fun ways I like to make basic pieces look trendy. I’m big on not buying such trendy pieces. I’ve always gravitated towards basics. I also try to find trendy pieces at budget friendly places.

I think everyone should own a few different black tops. From a regular tee to a fun crop or a sweater. Black tops can go with anything and be styled with just about anything. My favorite is the black tee. A more relaxed fit is a plus, You can tuck it in or tie it to the front or back. Or even wear a spaghetti top or dress over. It’s just a staple you need to have in your closet. In white as well. I love my tees from Zara. They are under $10 and I love how soft they feel. I usually buy about 3 at a time. As well with white. And sometimes in Pink.

To make a regular black tee trendy I would add a hat or some cool trendy earrings that will make that Tee pop. Accessories are the items I usually buy trendy. You can find a great selection at forever 21. The earrings are so good there. I love me cute trendy earrings. Add a cute scarf to your black tee and you create a whole different look. Just have fun with adding trendy pieces on a budget.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Another look I like is a crop top. I have them in short sleeve and long sleeve. The long sleeve I like to dress it up more. I love pairing this one with a skirt or even some cute trousers. It just adds a little fun twist on the basics. I also love crop tops under overalls. It just makes the overalls looks so much more feminine.

This was short and sweet about basics. Hope you liked this post. Till next post!

XO  Lisa

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