Mother’s Day gift guide

Hello Ladies! Hope you all are doing well. I’m great. We just moved my Mom back to LA. It’s so great to have my Mom back, It’s been a long 7 1/2 years with her being so far. She’s getting settled and the fact that Breaker and I can make easy visits during the week is awesome. Today’s post I thought it would be fun in honor of my mom being back, to give some ideas for the mom in your life. Your mom, Grandma, Aunt, sister, friend or that special lady that has been in your life like a mom. I have some ideas for all types of moms!

First  would be that fashionista mom in your life. This special lady likes to shop and dress with all the fun trends. She enjoys coffee with friends and a nice shopping day with no kids. You can’t go wrong with a gift card from her favorite store and a good old Starbucks gift card! She needs the energy to shop!

Second is the fit mom that loves a fun new workout class or just working out at home with her Sweat app. Loves a good walk or run in an open space. You can’t go wrong with some fun stylish cute sneakers. Don’t forget she needs some awesome tunes to listen to while she gets her workout in and in style with some rose gold beats. She’s going to need to stay in touch with the world so an apple watch is a must!

Third is the mom that needs a Break! Some of my favorite things is taking a long shower, wash my hair and give my face a nice wash, exfoliate and mask. In a nice robe to just pamper yourself after a long day being Mom. Summer Fridays has the best pampering mask and not to mention they are pretty to gift. Every girl needs a cute robe to pamper yourself in.

Last are two that I actually love, Being a mom and busy with dropping off kids and running errands, I mean sometimes we don’t shower first thing in the morning. So a nice everyday perfume to make you smell delicious is a must.The BFF KKW one is actually my favorite at the moment.  And my all time favorite Mom bag is the Neverfull MM Bag. It’s the best bag for a mom. It’s literally NEVERFULL.

Well Ladies and Gentlemen I hope this was helpful and you get that special lady in your life something she deserves to make her feel loved. Till next post.

XO  Lisa

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