My emotional rollercoaster called PMS

Hello Ladies! Hope you all are doing great! Today’s post I wanted to talk about something we don’t always like to talk about. But I want to let other women know they are not alone and let some Men know to give their girls a break when it’s that time.

I think growing up people would talk about PMS and I was like I don’t get any of that. I’ve had it pretty easy until I hit about 37. I had my youngest at 35 and after that I can tell every year I felt my PMS would change. I’m talking about the emotions we face during PMS. Us women can handle the cramping etc. I mean that’s why God gave us the period,LOL. Men, ya I don’t think they would be able to handle it.

My emotions are on another level now that I’m 40. This weekend I even talked to some of my cousins and they seem to be facing similar emotions. And the sad thing is I know when they are coming and I know every month to expect these emotions. I even warn the hubby. I’m like it’s coming. I don’t like when he says ” Are you on your period” that’s the worst question to ask. I just say yes what’s your excuse, LOL!

But on to these emotions, I think for one week I have such bad irritability. I mean bad everything and everyone gets on my nerves. I feel so bad because I try to control that but I can’t at times. I really try to take moments alone to just meditate. It literally last for one week. Second week of PMS, Oh yes mine last exactly 2 weeks. I have horrible self doubt. I mean I feel very down with myself, I feel like I’m doing nothing with my life. Not to mention I hate my Instagram feed I’m like it’s awful etc. Thank goodness the hubby is there to tell me stop it’s fine, and reminds me I feel this way every month. I do hate that week the most. Because i know deep down it’s just these crazy emotions I get. Neither the less after that week I’m back to normal and all is good. But geez it’s exhausting. I loved hearing my cousins say they have these wild emotions too. So that’s why I wanted to share so if you are feeling alone or crazy, Don’t!

Things that help. I try to slow down when I feel like this. I try to get out alone and away from the house. So a quick trip to target, the mall or mani/pedi. Getting away with a friend just to talk and escape your mind. My exercising helps a lot too. I say just try to keep positive around and just know it will pass.

Lots of love to all you ladies. Till next post.

XO  Lisa

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