The perfect jean shorts

Hello ladies! How are you all doing? I’m good, it’s crunch time for the last few days of school for these kiddos. So the oldest is studying for finals and the little one is just chilling. I’m also trying to map out summer break. We will be taking a few days in July to palm springs and some days in Vegas. I’m looking forward to both. But the in between days I need to keep these kids busy and the brains working. My oldest is still going to have practice and he likes time with his buddies. The little one I’ll just have to plan some play dates with some Mama friends. Most important I need to make time for myself too.

In other news lets talk about the perfect pair of jean shorts. So I live in jean shorts during the summer. But I had not been able to find the perfect pair. And my new thing because i’m older now is finding “age appropriate” items. I like short shorts but only for vacay or beach days. So I look for a more modest style for outings.

I’m going to say for a pair of jean shorts it’s better to spend a little more since they are a staple in your closet. I honestly found the best pair ever. It was a splurge for me but so worth the price. They are a brand called Agolde. They have a website or you can order from revolve which I did. I left the name of the shorts on the pic above that I have on. They are great quality and I love the fit. Perfect length and they are pretty comfortable. I pictured a few other washes that are great to have.

Hope this was helpful! Till next post.

XO  Lisa

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