Packing mistakes

Hello my lovely friends! So I’m 2 Days into summer Break with my boys and I’m already being told by Breaker that I’m making him starve, LOL! I’m like really kid. I know the first week is getting a routine. I feel like he ask for food out of boredom, So I’m making a schedule and hopefully LA cools down a little so we can get out and do some outside play.

Today I wanted to share something I’ve talked about before I went on my trip last year and I did exactly what I didn’t want to do. I over packed! This year I’m not going away away on a big trip but we are heading to Vegas for 4 days in august with the fam, so I definitely don’t want to overpack.

I went to Dominican republic last year and I didn’t wear half the stuff I packed. So I wanted to share more functional clothes you can pack and possibly wear it a different way so basically versatile outfits. I plan on doing this when we go to Vegas, The only thing with Vegas I feel like we change twice a day, LOL! but I’m going to try to keep it to a minimal.

Something that I love is a basic swimsuit like this one. You can put some jean shorts over it during the day before the pool or beach time and you will look put together for breakfast or walking around. Ok so I was little in the 80’s and I remember my sisters and I had those jelly shoes. I can’t believe they have them again, I thought these were super cute. I love me some anklets I used to wear them all the time, Glad they are being seeing more and more again. A cute summer bag is always a must when vacationing.

For outfits I love a simple basic comfy pair of shorts. These you can dress up or down with a tank, or a crop top. You can style them in so many different ways take them from day to night. I would add a headband with some cute earrings and the shoe will make it day or night. These shoes I think will be the perfect trio for a vacay, The flat slides could even be your travel shoe and a not so casual shoe with a little platform is fun. I think everyone needs a clear heel like this, These will go with every outfit and make that day outfit to night real fast.

I hope this was helpful if you plan on vacationing this summer, Even if it’s a weekend we over pack! Don’t forget your sunscreen and hat! Till next post.

XO  Lisa

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