Target run!

Hello Friends! How are you all doing?! I’m doing good. I can’t complain over here. My kids have been so good. Besides me feeling like they want food all day, I’ve actually enjoyed having them home with me. I’m just soaking it all in. I know once school starts I’ll miss them like crazy. And having them home stops me from going to target and buying unnecessary items, LOL! Because it’s too much trouble to get all of us out for a target run and these boys are homebodies.

So speaking of Target I wanted to share a few of my favorite things that I buy about twice a month. They last about a good 2 weeks and I like them all. They are totally random items they don’t even go together, LOL. But that’s what makes this post fun. It’s random but real life shit!

The first set of random items actually go together, I’m obsessed with tone it up protein powder. Like I’ve tried a few and this one is the best. I stick to vanilla because it just goes better with what I like in my smoothie, But I’ve tried the chocolate one and it’s bomb. They have other flavors as well. My go to protein bars are these from tone it up as well. They are actually really good and I love to have these in my pantry for those busy mornings. I just tried the protein bites for the first time and I really like to have these to, They are good for busy days or just wanting something sweet and trying to be good. Tone it up try them!

Ok so these are like random ass items. I for the longest used lady razors and I could never find one I liked. Until the one day I ran out and used the hubby’s razors, about 8 years later I’m still using them. Hand soap I mean we all use it and need it. I’m all about saving a buck and then Target came out with these I fell in love with this scent. Perfect hand soap for the kitchen. Last random item is this fresh gel toilet freshener. Um Hello I live in a house with all boys and a little one that’s still learning how to pee perfectly. So this is much needed, smells good and keeps the bathroom smelling fresh.

Lastly, we can’t forget the Mom juice, This Rose is good and pretty to look at. And you can’t forget your Starbucks to go! Hope you all liked this random post. Till next post.

XO Lisa

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