My Netflix picks

Hello My friends! I wanted to jump right into this post. So with the heat rising and sometimes it’s just too hot to leave the house. I thought how perfect was it to make a list of my favorite Netflix shows. I love a good show or a good movie. But at my older age, LOL! I just can’t sit still unless it’s really good. I also have to love it within the first 10 minutes or else I lose interest and it’s just a waste of my time.

So if you don’t want to waste time on a silly movie or sit and waste an hour with your significant other and decide what to watch. Then keep reading! I promise you will find some good ones on my list.


First my favorite shows most binge worthy or watch at a good pace to enjoy! Not in any kind of order like favorites or anything. Just my list!

  1. Stranger things
  2. Grace and Frankie
  3. On my block
  4. Ozark
  5. You
  6. Luke Cage
  7. The Crown
  8. The Punisher
  9. Narcos
  10. Jessica Jones
  11. The Umbrella Academy
  12. The house of flowers
  13. Dead to me
  14. Queer eye

And for movies I’m sure there is a lot of movies that are great but I listed Netflix originals that I really liked. That I would even watch again.

  1. kissing booth
  2. To all the boys I’ve loved before
  3. Always be my maybe
  4. See you yesterday
  5. Ali Wong comedy specials(both funny)
  6. Joy Koy comedy specials(both funny)
  7. Secret Obsession

Last Might be one you’ve seen but I watched all the episodes on netflix and it took me like months, LOL! But I loved it so much. I have a slight obsession with anything with vampires and werewolves. So if you are the same I’d highly recommend you watch Vampire Diaries, and if you love that watch the Originals and if you like that watch Legacies. They are all connected and great shows. I mean I was sad when I finished watching, and not to mention some good vampire eye candy to watch, Oops did I say that out loud.

Hope you liked this post and I really hope you find something you like on this list. Pop that popcorn and enjoy! Till next post!

XO  Lisa

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