Easy DIY costumes

Hello friends! So as you know I’m dedicating my blog to Halloween this month. With just about 2 weeks until Halloween, I figured I’d help out with last minute Halloween costume ideas. I’m sure most Mamas are told by the kiddos what they want to be! But the fun time is when you can pick for them, lol! I was lucky to plan 5 of Breakers costumes! This year he was very serious about what he wanted to be so he picked! And let me tell you he knew since summer time! And is so excited, mom on the other hand I’m just trying to make his costume come to life, lol! Stay tuned I’ll share his costume on Instagram!

So for this post I’m taking you to last years costume! It was so easy this was my INSPO pic I found and I went with it!

His costume was pretty simple. I just put him in black pants, white long sleeve shirt, I ordered the apron and chef hat from amazon. The tie for his shirt I just went to local fabric store got a piece of gingham material and I sewed the tie myself. So all this was simple! For the DIY of it all was the pizza! I just followed a tutorial from Pinterest. I’ll link it here. It wasn’t hard at all just took time to stuff the crust with the pillow filling. Besides that it was just using the hot glue for everything. If I know what I need to make ahead of time , I always start 2 weeks before. So I’m not rushing or getting frustrated. I bought all the felt for pizza at joanns and the stuffing as well. The year before for his costume I made felt donuts which I’ll share a picture below. So I had the stuffing already.

I love a good easy but cute DIY costume! I also love originality because with DIY you can create it yourself and make it a little different. I also have all of his costumes since the first shown. As you can see all DIY lol. The skeleton one that year he was not into dressing up so he agreed to pajamas. Which honestly is a good way to go for a Skelton costume! They can wear it more than once!

I wish I can share some adult ones but I haven’t dressed up in a while! But I did this last year just because I love American horror story the coven so much, I recreated a look that they wear. If you watch you’ll know! You can even make this look sexier if you are going out! Ya I know what’s up! Lol I did have a life before mom life!

Well I hope this was helpful and I can’t wait to see everyone’s costumes! Till next post!

XO Lisa

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