It’s Halloween time

Hello my friends! So this is going to be short and sweet! I’ve kept my Halloween theme for the entire month of October. I seriously can’t believe October is over! We’ve had a blast this month. My kids love Halloween, so I really tried to make it feel like Halloween all month. Disneyland was a big highlight, going to Boo at the zoo was super fun. Highly recommend both for next year!

I figured a day before Halloween blog post would be tough, I mean seems like most parties were last weekend. So I thought to give you some dinner ideas if you are having people over to trick or treat!

I mean ordering pizza is always an easy way to go but if you have more time, check out my pizza recipe! It’s always a hit! Spaghetti is always a hit with a crowd and Easy! I’ll be making meatball sandwiches this year, it’s only a few of us so it will be easy and fun! Some chili beans with hot dogs is always fun too!

Even though the kids will be getting tons of candy dessert is always fun! Check out my ice cream sandwiches! I’ll be surprising Breaker and David with a chocolate cake! Like I said they take Halloween serious so why not celebrate with a cake!

Wishing everyone a fun and safe Halloween! Till next post!

XO Lisa

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