Thankful for my boys

Hello my friends! I’ve missed you. Sorry no blog post last week, but that crazy bug that was going around was insane. I’m so glad we survived it and my oldest and the hubby never got it. My poor mom ended up getting it because she came to help me with the kids when I got it. So yes to keep on theme with my blog, I’m thankful we are over it and thankful for my hubby and mom to help out when I was down.

but for my last post of my being thankful month, although I’m thankful everyday I wanted to just share this month.

My boys are what I’m most thankful for. My David was my first piece of my heart and he has taught me so much more than what I probably have taught him. He is so special and such a good son. So for him I’m thankful.

My second is the hubby. I met him at a time that I was accepting who I was and learning how to love myself. I think him and I knew we were meant to be. It wasn’t easy in the beginning ,but we have learned who we are together. And that is important. He’s my best friend and I love us! So for him I’m thankful.

Last but definitely not least is Breaker my baby. When I found out I was pregnant with him I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t feeling the best and I didn’t want to get attached to the idea of being pregnant I thought I was losing the baby. My breaker and I went through a lot. He’s my strong boy, I do have a post on my pregnancy story with him. I think with all I went through him and I are bonded in a way that I love so much. If he’s scared,hurt or sad he needs mommy. He’s also the one that’s gonna give me a full head of greys,Lol! So for him I’m thankful.

My boys are my heart, they are pieces of my puzzle called life. I’m so thankful God gave me these boys. A very Happy thanksgiving to everyone that has been on this blog life with me. For you I’m thankful. Till next post!

XO Lisa

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