Hello 2020

Like crazy! I can’t believe we are in 2020! This is where you start to see all the new year new me,blah blah blah. I’d like to see it as a fresh year to be a better you. A clean 365 days to live life like you ,but try to add some more positive to your life. Try to push yourself to step out of the box a little. But don’t beat yourself up if you’re not ready for certain changes right away. Like I said you have 365 days!

For me I plan to give myself a few goals. I’m so over the lose weight crap! I’ve learned to just be healthy ,stay healthy, but live life and don’t deprive! I’ve found a way to stay active and I do want to eat healthier. That’s a goal but not just for weight loss, more for health reasons. I plan on staying healthy inside and out! Enough of that!

My real goals are to be more in the moment, I started that last year and I plan on getting better. Make small changes around my house, I’ve really liked the minimalist life. I’m all about living with what I need, not just to have. I’m teaching the boys this too! I think starting these habits early is great! Trying to spend more quality time with family. Life is so short I don’t want to regret not spending the time when I have it! Of course continuing my blog is a must. But I don’t care about numbers anymore. That was killing me! Giving me anxiety. I choose to be me and create from my heart! I don’t care about my numbers. If I can influence one person in a positive way that’s my reward. So overall my 2020 is just being a better me! Taking time for myself and enjoying everyday! So to a new year! Cheers to you all!

XO Lisa

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