My winter coat picks!

Hello my friends! Happy new year! Hope you all had a great holiday with family and friends. But I’m going to say it, I’m glad they are over! I need some structure in my life! This always happens the month of December, it just throws me off! So I’m ready for a routine and some creative work!

Today I just wanted to share some cute jackets that will make a simple outfit look cute! And of course they are all from Zara and all on sale, so hurry up and jump on it! I love when Zara has a sale! I normally buy a cute jacket or some shoes. Even if the season is almost over. I’ll be set for the next winter/summer etc. I try to get the more basic ones that won’t go out of style!

So I rounded up my faves that honestly should be staples in your closet. I wish I can buy them all. But I settled for the green faux fur one with a hood! I just loved it and I’ll wear this all winter, Spring and even 2020 fall! So I will definitely get my money’s worth! Hope you all found some help with this post, and if you haven’t checked out the Zara sale! You need to Stat!

Till next post!

XO Lisa

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