Taking control of my time!

Hello friends! Being we are mid January I’m still in the New Years mind set. So why not dedicate my January blog post to that! I didn’t do a vision board this year. I just made a List of things I would like to get done this year. And to be honest As far as career goals, I’m so lost. So this year I wanted to work on my time management and my family. With a few things here and there.

So time management can be everyone’s worst enemy. I think we all have said there’s just not enough time to do everything, Nope! But we don’t have to do everything in one day!

Being a stay at home mom,I felt like my days were so long and I was so tired from the day. I  have 2 kids and both in school. So mornings are as busy as can be trying to get everyone up and ready for school and hubby out the door for work. Once everyone was gone I felt like I had to keep busy like cleaning, washing, reorganizing you name it I did it. I felt guilty sitting down and also felt that it was my job to keep busy all day at home. And felt myself so tired and frustrated by the end of the day! So I decided this year, I would manage my time better and not feel guilty to sit or feel bad to make plans for myself during the day.

So I made rules to make my days better! Here they are! We go to target for daily stuff on Saturdays, unless it’s for my pleasure that would be my weekly outing,lol! Super market shopping on Sunday’s!  Honestly doing that makes my week so much easier. I have a day I wash all day, I fold it right away because I swear it’s easier then piling and piling! I make dinners that last about 2 days or more so I don’t feel like I’m in the kitchen everyday all day! Little changes like that have already made such a difference. I also promised myself to get dressed like I mean real clothes not workout clothes lol! Managing your time will make life so much easier. I don’t like to rush and I’m very organized. I honestly feel managing time and being organized is going to make your year much smoother.

A few tips to help, whether you’re a working mom or stay at home mom, get all your clothes ready the night before. Even my teenager does this for himself and saves him about 10 minutes in the morning. I usually clean my kitchen good at night and take out things I need to make it easier for lunches. That saves another 10-15 min. Just by doing those 2 things you are saving yourself almost 30 minutes! That’s how I see my day! Minor changes will make your time more manageable. And don’t think everything needs to be done in one day! Enjoy life! That’s what I’m doing! Till next post!

XO Lisa

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