Starting 2020 right

Hello my friends! Ok so I’m using January as a stepping stone into the new year! So why not share my steps with you! I don’t like to start off so crazy like giving myself all these rules and goals! Like for real it’s just torture to yourself! I like to start off with manageable goals! And once I start to see myself achieving these manageable goals, I add more! It’s less disappointing at the end.

So something I can already check off my list and let me tell you it’s the most important, is making our dr appointments and dental appointments. Health is the most important in my book! I made sure to schedule all appts so I know we are set and healthy! Some of us will put these off and let me tell you, if you have yearly goals that’s great! But nothing is more important than health. If you are not healthy, how are you going to accomplish anything? So make those appointments!

Dentist! Most of us hate them lol! Well not hate just scared of them. But oral care is just as important as physical. So get it over with and book those dental appointments! Believe me I have a huge phobia with the dentist but hell it feels good to get those choppers cleaned! So book your appointment!

Thats it! Getting those done for my family take a lot of stress off me in the beginning of the year! So we can proceed with our own individual goals and just be happy! Till next post!

XO Lisa

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