No rules to Goals

Hello my friends!! Ok so I’ve kept my theme of January devoted to the new year and goals. This is my last post for January so I wanted to end it on a simple note.

Do not spend your year beating yourself up on trying to get through all the goals. I honestly don’t think goals have to take over your life. Life is way too short for you to stress over a goal you made for yourself. Enjoy life that’s important. A simple goal doesn’t mean less than a big goal. Who’s to say your simple goal isn’t a big deal to you. Don’t let anyone make you feel like your goals are not big enough. 

Goals are great to have they keep you in line. But don’t feel discouraged because others are hitting their goals and you aren’t. You are on your own path, don’t worry what path others are on. You make your path on your own. So no rush and just remember to enjoy everyday. We are absolutely never promised the next.

So like I said before, no goal is too small, and don’t ever feel a goal is too big. You have the ability to make it happen. With that you have 336 days as of today to work on what you have to work on. Don’t follow someone else’s goals. Focus on you and what makes you happy.

My number one goal is family, spend more time with them, make more memories and just enjoy the time we have with them. And day 29 of that I’m on the right path. Let’s all cheer each other on. Till next post.

XO Lisa

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