My sweet boy is 16

Hello friends Happy February! The month of love! Who all still goes out for Valentine’s Day? I haven’t in years but I think me and the hubby are going to this year, so cool it is on a Friday.

Today’s post since it’s the month of love, I thought how fitting is it to dedicate my first post to my first born. He is the reason my heart grew bigger.

My David, he just had his 16th birthday. Imagine 16 years as a mom, I remember the day I went into labor with him. He was my little big guy, a whole 6lbs 11oz but long, I knew he was going to be big, he had the biggest hands and his feet were too big for his newborn pajama. I had to always cut the bottoms. He was my gentle giant. And now he’s 16 a young man that has this beautiful heart. He’s so caring and loving with everyone. I know he has a bright future. But this year he will hopefully get his license and maybe get a summer job, lol! No but really He has his written text very soon. It’s crazy!

I’m so proud of him. And I can’t wait to see him grow more as a person. He has brought so much joy to my heart for 16 years. So Happy sweet 16 my baby.

Moms out there that might be worried about having a second baby because you feel you can’t love anyone as much as you do your first, don’t be scared. Your heart is capable of amazing things. You love them just as much and your heart grows fonder every year they grow. The heart is an amazing thing and gets bigger with the more people we allow in.

Till next post!

XO Lisa

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