Valentine’s pop of pink

Happy Wednesday my friends! Hope you all are having a wonderful week. I’m doing well, we had a nice family getaway to Big Bear this past weekend. Really no snow, but we got lucky on the day we left. It snowed very lightly so Breaker got to see that for the first time. He thought the snow at Disneyland was real so him seeing real snow made my heart smile.

Talking about hearts! Who is ready for Valentine’s Day?! Do you make a big day of it, do you keep it casual, fancy or is it a stay in cozy kinda night? We wanted to go out since it’s on a Friday, but we are kinda pooped from big bear and getting back to weekday life. So we are leaving plans in the air. I’m cool with ordering in with a drink or two. But getting dressed up is so fun!

Talking dressing up, if you have plans set in stone! Do you have your outfit picked? Well if not I’ve put together some INSPO for you! I love a pop of pink for Valentine’s Day! Most go with red, which is beautiful. But pink is so girly!  You can even mix both and that looks so chic! If I was going out I’d wear some leather faux pants, a bodysuit and with a pop of pink on my feet! Edgy with a little girly twist! But check out what I found and hopefully you can get some INSPO for your sweetheart night! Hope you all have a beautiful Valentine’s Day! Till next post!


XO Lisa

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