What I love about Disneyland

Hello friends!! This is the last post for the month of love! And I thought how fun to do what I love about Disneyland! First of all it’s already almost March like, wth! Spring is coming in strong and I’m excited for some spring fashion! I’ll be doing a spring post next week! Some fashion must! Fall and spring have always been my favorite! So I’m super pumped!

So let’s get started with my Disney love! First I want to talk about annual passes. We were pass holders before, when breaker was 2, but we hardly went. So we had taken some time away. We decided to get them again when Breaker turned 6, he’s so into Disney. So far we have loved having our passes. They are pricy, but if you plan to visit enough in a year they are so worth it! I recommend the deluxe passes. They are not as pricy as the others and they have good days to go. Not so many block out dates. The only thing is if you like summer days don’t get this one they are blocked almost all summer. Go with what I have the signature. The reason I have signature and not deluxe like my hubby and breaker is for the parking. Signature includes parking. We go 2-3 times a month and at $25 a day parking it made more sense. I’m also not blocked a lot. So if you don’t mind paying more go with that one. Totally worth it if you plan to go a lot.

Food ok, we are still exploring food! But some of my must haves are the clam chowder in bread bowl. They have this in New Orleans square and the pier at DCA. It’s a fav! I love the red cart in Main Street for a good old corn dog, so yummy! Jolly holiday has the best treats if you have a sweet tooth. And let’s not forget about the churros. You can’t go wrong. And by far my favorite treat is the beignets in New Orleans square too! If you need a drink head over to DCA for a yummy drink at lamplight lounge. We love following magic journeys on YouTube and Instagram for all the latest yummy foods at Disneyland!


Fashion you all know I love some cute clothes! And we all know most love the great photo opportunities at Disneyland! So we all need to look cute, but I mean comfort is key! I usually go with my most comfy jeans especially when I know I want photos. If it’s a lazy day going I opt for sweats or leggings. Hot days I go with my comfy jean shorts. I love to go on theme. Who doesn’t love to wear a Disney shirt to go along with the cute ears! My go to places are H&M and zara for my Disney needs! They always have the cutest tees and you can’t go wrong with some jeans and tee! For Breaker I usually get his shirts from H&M or kids gap. I always wear converse or my comfy adidas. So try to stick to a shoe you know is great for walking. Good thing sneakers are so on trend!

So much more but I’ll do a more foodie one soon with pictures! Because low key we go to eat!

till next post!

XO Lisa

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