Biker shorts but make it fashion

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is staying safe and at home. Bless those that have to go to work during this time and all the essential workers. I pray for them daily. I’m praying so hard for better days. Believe me I even feel weird putting out blog post with the title I have today. I promise I’m not being insensitive. Writing and being creative is how I cope with anxiety. I’ve been having it really bad. I’m the designated person that goes out to get supplies and I get the worst anxiety every time I have to go out. So staying focused and creative on my blog helps me. Even Breaker helps me out! Check out my video on Instagram he’s the one tossing me the accessories, Lol!

So today I thought why not share some of my Pinterest finds for some biker shorts fashion! I’m trying to really get out of my sweats everyday. I mean they are so comfy but I also feel better when I get somewhat dressed and put a little makeup on! I even put earrings on everyday because it makes me happy. And what better way to look cute but stay comfy are biker shorts! I love me a comfy pair and it reminds me I have legs! Take a look at my Pinterest INSPO and check out my video on Instagram for some more inspo follow me @stylesencillo!

keeping it simple just the way I like! Please stay safe out there! Things will get better!

XO Lisa

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